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Found 6 results

  1. I might as well start this one now, since we have the Led Zeppelin album elimination thread underway. My top ten (at the time of this writing, anyway!) in no particular order. What say you? When the Levee Breaks The Battle of Evermore Achilles' Last Stand Ten Years Gone How Many More Times? Dazed and Confused Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Hey Hey What Can I Do? Kashmir Going to California
  2. Figured the other super big english symphonic prog band should have a thread for this idea as well. Top ten Genesis songs (split eras if you must...I might have to), and go! In this order on first thought. --Supper's Ready --Get 'Em Out By Friday --Watcher Of The Skies --Dancing With The Moonlit Knight --Behind The Lines --Firth Of Fifth --Land Of Confusion --Turn It On Again --Mama --The Musical Box
  3. I've sampled liberally from both the Fish and Hogarth eras, but Marillion has never really grabbed me. I know there are a lot of fans here at TRF, so have at it: What are your fave tracks? I intend to use your lists and commentary to revisit the band and see if I can't develop a deeper appreciation...
  4. I've been playing nothing but ELP and early King Crimson since I learned of Greg Lake's passing a couple of days ago. My top ten, in approximate order: 1. Take a Pebble 2. Jerusalem 3. Karn Evil 9 4. Tarkus 5. The Barbarian 6. Still...You Turn Me On 7. Toccata 8. The Sage 9. From the Beginning 10. Knife-Edge
  5. There are a few BÖC fans around here, and it's no secret they've been one of my all-time faves since I was a wee lad. What are your top tracks? 1. The Vigil 2. Astronomy 3. (Don't Fear) The Reaper The presence of these in my top three is immutable, though their sequence is not. 4. Subhuman 5. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) 6. Tattoo Vampire 7. Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver 8. Veteran of the Psychic Wars 9. Tenderloin I totally hated Tenderloin in my teens and 20s, at least. 10. The Revenge of Vera Gemini Harvest Moon, Black Blade, and Take Me Away nearly made the cut.
  6. I love these guys so much. I can't listen to them every day, because there's something about their melodies that causes me to get all melancholic. I don't see them in "Albums You've Listened to Today" very often, but I know there are a few fans here, like Stormtron, Segue (hey, did you get around to sampling some BÖC?), and maybe PolarizeMe. I know there must be more. My Top Ten tracks in no particular order (except I'm placing the Crack the Skye album tracks first because that album positively SLAYS). The Czar Don't stay, run away / The Tsarina has warned of the danger The Ghost of Karelia How long has it been since we flew through the shadows? Oblivion Leaving you behind with my lonesome song... Dry Bone Valley Leave this desert for the sick and damned... Stargasm And then we shift into overdrive, but you're not here Blood and Thunder White whale! Holy grail! Break your backs and crack your oars, men! The Wolf is Loose The belly of the whale! Colony of Birchmen Lion slicerrrrr! Asleep in the Deep Throw salt in all the corners here / Make sure you watch him leave Bedazzled Fingernails Lay me down / Stand my ground A stunning fan-made stop-motion animated video:
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