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Found 9 results

  1. I bought my tickets for Vegas a few weeks ago - upper bowl, Alex's side. At the time I was just happy to be buying tickets so I could be in attendance, but you know how these things go...the closer you get to show day, the closer you wish you were to the floor. My question is: has anyone been able to successfully negotiate seat upgrades at the ticket office the day of the show? I'm going to call MGM and ask them this question, but I also wanted to know your experiences. I've heard of some instances in which ushers are lenient and will allow people to move around and fill in empty seats once the show starts. I would be willing to pay a little extra to move up at this point, but I don't want to pay the ridiculous prices the scalpers and bots are asking. Thanks in advance!
  2. Can't wait until the next tour comes in around next year, I really want to finally get in the front row for a show without paying the after sale prices, need some help getting first pick at tix.... Who else in RI, MA, CT, NH area willing to help? Closest I've been is 2nd row... At least once, love to be a lucky one to get in the front and center!!! I'll bring my BLAH license plate to hold up!!!
  3. Hi, all. I haven't posted here in so long! Good to be back! I'm wondering if anyone is looking to sell a ticket - section doesn't matter - possibly at face value or even just a bit more expensive, if you wanted? I have my own tickets already; I'm going with my sister. However, my friend just got into RUSH not too long ago and told me he is really wanting to see them June 12, here in Chicago. Only problem is, re-sold tickets are going for 200.00 +, even for nosebleed seats. I know that's probably pretty typical with re-sold tickets, especially so soon before the show. But still - I figured I'd try here, also. ...Anyone not able to go, or got an extra ticket they're looking to sell? PM me here or e-mail me at alexandriaburrow@gmail.com and hopefully we can work something out!
  4. Hello does anyone have a hookup for passes? If so I am your guy. Looking for (1) pass on this tour.
  5. We made a FB group for people to meet in one group to exchange tickets. The Rush Ticket Exchange. Rules are that you can only sell them for what you paid for them or less. Face value, vip (with merchandice), or secondary market with proof. Come join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/737859402993957/
  6. Does anyone have any advice for the best place to sit at Nationwide Arena? I'm taking my girlfriend and we're not that tall (5'4). Should I try for VIP Gold and get close? Maybe lower level side seats? VIP Silver? Any advice is well appreciated. Thank you!! :hi:
  7. Hi all, I created a Flickr group a while back for Rush memorabilia. Take up on membership has been a little slow but then again I haven't really had much time to promote it. The group is a place where you can post your scans of all kinds of Rush memorabilia and ephemera including tickets, news articles and reviews, posters, handbills, pin badges, patches, record covers etc. I would also like people to post photos of Rush shirts both official and unofficial. The only thing I ask is that people don't post concert photos they have taken from shows they have attended. There are plenty of Flickr groups for concert photos. Live band posters from music publications past and present are fine though. You do need to have a Flickr account to post stuff but joining Flickr is free. To visit the group and see what's already there visit Look forward to welcoming you to the group. Merv aka Analog Sid PS - Forum Mods - If you think this is best posted on a different thread please feel free to move.
  8. Anyone looking to get out of the deal they got for their Hamilton VIP floor ticket? I don't even want all the swag, you can keep that, just the ticket. Will pay you face value ($300) for it or whatever it is. Any takers? I think this can be done if we work with Ticketmaster to do the transfer over to me. By the way, did anyone else think that Alex's part of the acceptance speech was somewhat retarded? I did find myself laughing quite a bit, but I sorta thought he was thumbing his nose at the whole thing, which it sorta deserves. I mean, I was really hoping he would just stop the BS at some point and start saying something a little more intelligent or whatever. Still, it was a fairly ballsy thing to do. Neil's speech was great - I loved the Bob Dylan reference. And Geddy was cool too, humble yet appreciative as always. But hey the whole thing IS actually kind of a hollow honor at this point, especially when you have RAP groups getting inducted on the very same evening (Flavor Flav in the same class as these guys? Kinda sad actually. Rolling Stone is a garbage magazine). Saw Yes play recently in Toronto, and it was great because we got sick of our shitty, super uncomfortable balcony seats and snuck down to the floor area during the intermission and got unclaimed 3rd row floor seats right near Steve Howe. Yes should certainly be next up as shoo ins to the hall of fame. Enough with the retardedness of putting these fools like Public Enemy and Madonna who have NOTHING to do with Rock and Roll into said hall of fame! It's like putting Elvis into the Hip Hop hall of fame - doesn't make sense. You gotta really respect the Sex Pistols for boycotting the induction ceremony and calling the whole thing a "piss stain" in a scrawled written letter and yet still having them induct you! Brilliant. To me, that's sorta what Alex was indirectly saying, which is cool. Is his bald spot gone now? LOL!
  9. I have two extra tickets to Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun) on Thu May 9 at 7:30pm. Upper arena, section 108, row L, seat 19 and 20. I am asking face value - $101.00 each (+ $13.45 in "convenience charges" - because it was convenient to charge me) $228.90 total for the pair. Please PM me if you are interested. :)
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