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Found 9 results

  1. Simple, we'll collectively compile a list of 120 singers one singer at a time, and then the voting rounds will begin. Remember, have fun and no double posting! I'll start 1. Freddie Mercury Well you know I had to, lol.
  2. What are songs that you have misheard, For me: Wrong: You drive, I'll steer Everybody else, steer clear 'Cause I'm 63 Right: You drive, I'll steer Everybody else, steer clear 'Cause I'm Sitting Pretty. Cheap Trick-You Drive I'll Steer
  3. For me it is Surrender(Cheap Trick). This was the song that got me into rock music. I would not be here today if it was not for that song.
  4. Am I the only person here who's bothered by the fact that Alex never plays the Earthshine solo live the way it was recorded? As a result I've always felt Earthshine is quite weak live.
  5. hi there I have been thinking recently about those songs that after the test of time have grown deeply For example my vary favs on roll the bones are not the singles, dreamline and the ghost are good but the ones that really grew on me are: HERESY and THE BIG WHEEL, those were meticulously crafted to great songs to me, those passed the filter of 20 years. Do you have some of those? B sides, ignored tunes from RUSH that grow into you? Here Some more: red sector A from a show of hands Test for echo's limbo Another one is prime mover I love to hear Geddys bass melodies all over that song
  6. Which songs in the Rush discography (excluding live recordings) do you think are the most powerful and atmospheric? Or rather, which ones make you feel most like you're there, experiencing what's being described thanks to lyrics, instrumentation, and/or production? MY LIST: Red Sector A Marathon Jacob's Ladder Red Barchetta Cygnus X-1 & 2 Witch Hunt Subdivisions Rivendell Driven Clockwork Angels (whole album)
  7. CBC chose the top 10 Rush songs and Neil Peart gave a breakdown of each one. Do you agree with the top 10? http://music.cbc.ca/blogs/2014/11/Neil-Peart-on-the-10-best-Rush-songs-ever
  8. Hey everyone, I had a thought. Everyone on here talks about long epics for music, but I am really curious, what is the shortest song you have (on Physical Media, ITunes, iPod, etc.), is it BU2B2, or something shorter, and can you beat me. My Shortest song is Fingertips: Whose Knocking On The Wall? by They Might Be Giants clocking in at 4 seconds.
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