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Found 5 results

  1. I just watched a great video last night analyzing all the best things about one of my favorite songs, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, and it reminded me how much I love Gabriel, his work inside and outside of Genesis is equally awesome. So... here's a thread for him! We may as well start with a question, what's your favorite Peter Gabriel solo album. Rank them if you can, and vote for your favorite above!
  2. NOTE: The following groupings of albums is NOT intended to classify, categorize or otherwise codify the albums in any logical fashion other than to divide them up into as equal a number of albums as possible for the five groupings-- ***Feel free to choose your solos from live albums as well for the relevant grouping of albums...*** FOLLOWING ARE MY FIVE FAVORITE LERXST SOLOS FROM THE LISTED FIVE ALBUM GROUPINGS... I am interested to know what yours are~ RUSH >>>>>2112 - - - The "By-Tor and the Snowdog" solo from ATWAS AFTK >>>>>MP - - - The "LVS 'A Lerxst in Wonderland'" solo from HEMISPHERES (I think this is the correct part-Please correct me if I am wrong) SIGNALS >>>>>HYF - - - The "The Analog Kid" solo from SIGNALS PRESTO >>>>>T4E - - - The "Cut to the Chase" solo from CP VT >>>>>CA - - - The "Headlong Flight" solo from CA ~~~
  3. Was thinking about Alex's playing and thought it would be fun to compile my 10 favorite Lifeson solos. I pulled these from the top of my head and didn't listen to or look up anything as I wanted it to be organic. Here they are: Working Man La Villa Strangiato Freewill The Analog Kid The Weapon Kid Gloves Between the Wheels Emotion Detector The Garden Anesthetize What are yours?
  4. Seems straightforward, interesting question. Here's some notes: --The obvious ones obviously count (e.g. Sammy Hagar, Billy Squire, Bryan Adams, etc.) --The ones with their name followed by the name of their band--or a similar name configuration--also count (e.g. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Paul McCartney and Wings, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, etc.) --The artists who came kinda close to rock, but were more of another genre, are decidedly debatable and must be defended (e.g. Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison etc.) --artists who had a solo career but are much more well known for their career with a band are extremely debatable and must must must be defended (e.g. Geddy Lee, Roger Taylor, maybe even Ozzy Osborne, etc.). --if an artist is mentioned in someone's list and is questioned by another person, that artist is considered debatable and must be defended --top 5 lists are preferable I can't decide yet, so go! :)
  5. I know that this will probably only happen in my wildest dreams, especially considering that Geddy is turning 61 this year and he's already said that he is fulfilled musically through being in Rush. But I would love another solo album from him. When I first really discovered Rush a few years back one of the first things I did was download his solo. I read a couple(?) of reviews that compared the album to just another Rush album but there is something different about it, especially lyrically. I know that a lot of the songs were co-written but I think Geddy had a lot more to do with the lyrics than he does with Rush songs and there is a different feel that I connect with even more than I do most Rush songs, and that is saying a lot. What do you guys think? Would you like to see another solo from Geddy or are you satisfied alone with Rush as a whole?
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