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Found 6 results

  1. So it looks like the guys who supposedly had a incredibly large amount of pro shot footage from tours that we didn't get any DVD or album up until now are finally starting to release it. I'm sure everyone knows by now, but with the new R40 doc "Time Stand Still" comes extra pro shot footage from the PResto tour, entitled "Live From The Rabbit Hole." Any thoughts?
  2. And I mean in the building. Periscope doesn't count. :P Surely it can't be me with 4 (Austin, Dallas, Denver, LA).
  3. The R40 tour is the cover of the latest issue of "Canadian Musician" magazine. They have an article that is an interview with Geddy and Alex, talking about how they picked the songs, etc. Power Windows.net has the transcription of it- http://www.2112.net/powerwindows/transcripts/20151100cm.htm
  4. I know this is a old topic but im hearing lots of different stuff and i need to know
  5. Didn't see anyone else post this- from RIAB website- "Rush's rights management company Ole(Ole acquired the Rush catalog last year) has teamed up with Indaba Music for a Rush cover song contest where the winner will get $5,000, 2 tickets and a meet & greet for Rush's August 1st show in LA, and more. ... Rush is giving their fans a chance to cover 10 songs from their iconic catalog. Their publishing company ole is looking for creative, contemporary covers. Both covers with vocals and instrumentals will be accepted. Choose from these songs: Working Man Fly By Night Closer to the Heart The Spirit of Radio Freewill Limelight Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta New World Man Time Stand Still ... For all the details and to submit your entry, go to https://www.indabamu...ition/details " I already posted it to the person that keeps trying to pay $ 1000.00 for meet and greet passes :)
  6. Maybe you all can help this newbie here! I ended up with Row 16 tickets on the floor in Philly for Darling Husband and self. Haven't been to a concert in a while and didn't stop to think whether everyone in front of us will be standing the whole time or not. DOES the floor pretty much stand the whole time, do you think? I was so excited by the tour news and quick ticket sale that I kind of ignored that I have a chronic health condition causing muscular problems from time to time. Don't think I can stand for 3 hours- if I'll need to stand the whole time to see, I had better sell these and find some tickets in the side bowl. . . .
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