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Found 8 results

  1. I found this interesting- Photo and text are from the upcoming Rush tour book, Wandering the Face Of The Earth. Left-to-right: Michael "Mitch" Bossi, Lindy Young, Hal Greenson, Bill Rutsey, and Ian Grandy. October 18, 2013, at the Monarch Tavern in Toronto. "These kind folks all endured interviews for our upcoming book, sharing a lot of never-before-heard stories from the earliest days of the band. This night was a lot of fun, as some of these guys hadn't seen each other in about 30 years, so it was a thrill to play some small role in helping them "reconnect." Our book benefited greatly from their generosity and their overall support of the project, and it's an honor to consider these guys friends." https://www.rushbackstage.com/product/6XAMRU112/rush-wandering-the-face-of-the-earth-the-official-touring-history Hal Greenson was Rush's Second Roadie...who was with Rush for about a year and who was followed by Liam Birt. Early incarnation of Rush as Hadrian, 1969- (L to R): Joe Perna, Alex Lifeson, John Rutsey, Lindy Young. Lindy Young came on board at the request of Lifeson to play keyboards, guitars and vocals ( and Geddy ended up marrying his sister, Nancy.)Geddy was replaced for a time by bassist and vocalist Joe Perna, and at this point the name of the band was changed to Hadrian.
  2. Geddy wished Neil a Happy Birthday on Instagram a day early! I thought people might enjoy seeing the photos. geddyimagesAhead of Sept 12th I want to be first to wish a big happy birthday to my brother in arms and rhythm section partner for over 42 years - Cheers Peke! and for those of you that think he's the "serious” one.. well, au contraire! #whatdayisit? #booksarefortourists#LekePekeDeke #bubbagump#OfficerOMalley #FaleetNeeEth #rush#neilpeart #firstpost #jumpedthegun
  3. The Neil Peart autographed Rush R-30 photo collage pair is for sale on eBay: RUSH - Neil Peart R30 print #1 by Andrew MacNaughtan - Signed by Neil RUSH - Neil Peart R30 print #2 by Andrew MacNaughtan - Signed by Neil
  4. I'm posting this here because this question is asked every so often. Maybe the mods can pin it for future reference? How To Post Photos to TRF In order to post photos here they must be on a webserver and visible to the public. With the exception of avatar pics, you cannot simply upload them to TRF. There are different methods to post photos depending if you are on a computer or mobile device. If posting from a computer/laptop: Begin composing your post/reply. Click the square photo icon in the toolbar above the reply box (second row, middle, looks like a green square) Paste the URL of the photo, including the "http..." part. Make sure the URL ends in a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png. Click "OK" Your photo should show up in the post you are composing If posting from a mobile device (phone/tablet): There is no shortcut so you must manually type in the code as shown below [img]paste photo URL here[/img] (Those "img" tags require the square brackets on either side, and the slash is required on the second tag to close the set.) A valid photo post will look something like this [img]http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/slice_rush_01.jpg[/img] And will show up like this http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/slice_rush_01.jpg
  5. More from RushIsABand website about Alex's appearance at Alice Cooper's golf benefit earlier this week- (thanks RIAB-more details on their site!) "There was a Rock and Roll Vampire Bash in connection with the golf tournament Sunday evening from 4:30-10PM which included Live Entertainment on the PCS Stage with Alice Cooper and friends, including Alex Lifeson, Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Tommy Thayer (KISS), Frank Sidoris (Slash), and Neal Smith (Alice Cooper). The Arizona Republic posted a review along with some photos to their website this past Monday and gave some details regarding what songs were performed and who performed them: ... [Cooper] and Frank Sidoris took the stage, Cooper announcing "Tonight, we're a cover band" before leading the band in a spirited version of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," after which he did a brilliant parody of Mick Jagger's stage movie. Then, they brought out Seraphine and Thayer to "go back even further than 'Satisfaction,'" as Cooper put it, on a ragged but raucous rendition of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" that definitely played to Thayer's strengths on that Gibson Les Paul as Alice and Dash shared vocal duty. Thayer was even better suited to the next song, Kiss' "Rock and Roll All Nite," on which also sang. As someone who grew up on Cooper and Kiss, I can't tell you how surreal it was to see Cooper singing "Rock and Roll All Nite." Maybe all those arguments my brother and I used to have over which of those artists was better back in grade school (I was Team Alice) could have been resolved with, "You don't have to choose." Who knew? Of course, the fact that Lifeson was also on stage playing "Rock and Roll All Nite" would probably strike more people as surreal. But Lifeson looked like he was loving every minute of it. Zelisko joined the fun for "Wild Thing," which rocked and included a jaw-dropping solo from Lifeson and Seraphine rocking more like a garage-rock fan than a veteran of Chicago. When the song was over, Cooper proudly noted, "That's what bar bands do." ..." Entire newspaper article and lots of photos at http://www.azcentral...feson/83503540/ There's also a (pretty fuzzy) Youtube video of the "band" and Alex doing "Wild Thing" below the photos! :P http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp338/plantfan40/635971801567723688-alice-cooper-concert-1026.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp338/plantfan40/635971801566631681-alice-cooper-concert-931.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp338/plantfan40/635971801568659694-alice-cooper-concert-366.jpg
  6. http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/the-world-isnt-such-a-bad-place
  7. Greetings, Just wanted to share my Rush 2012 Tour Photos that are now up at pollstar.com in the Photos Section or here are the direct links to some of them http://www.pollstar.....aspx?ID=806967 http://www.pollstar.....aspx?ID=806891 http://www.pollstar.....aspx?ID=806874 http://www.pollstar.....aspx?ID=806865 Heres a link to some of the Rush pollstar photos from past tours http://www.pollstar....By=&StartsWith= Enjoy! Your Camera Eye Friend from The Rush Experience Tribute Band
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