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Found 22 results

  1. Ah yes! A prog dream! Tell me, which brand of whimsy do you prefer? Genesis' more intense, storybookish, sci-fi, classically inspired kind, or Supertramp's less bookish, jazzier, spiritual-psychological kind?
  2. Both of these records are long winded and feature winding arrangements, but one is a folky kind of mystical prog, and the other is incredibly dry technical thrash. Who do you have? Album covers for reference:
  3. Easy poll for me. No slight against the Dan, but Genesis outrank most everybody for me, and Wind & Wuthering is one of the first albums that got me into them (honestly, it might be the most important album in my transition from non fan to hardcore fan).
  4. Here's an idea. Let's take a look at musicians who had famous stints in multiple ensembles, and decide when they were at their peak! Today we have Bill Bruford, drummer extraordinaire. Originally in Yes from their debut through Close To The Edge, he jumped ship to work with Robert Fripp in King Crimson from 1972-1974. After that he floated around, put together a little band called UK, left that, rejoined King Crimson for their 80s run, later rejoined Yes and AWBH for a few years, rejoined KC for their 90s run, and eventually retired. Somewhere in there he also did some live drumming for the first edition of Genesis with Phil Collins on vocals (and this was at Phil's special request). So we've got some poll questions up above, and feel free to discuss anything about Bruford or Yes or KC or Genesis or UK that you want down below, and give suggestions for other great musicians with great stints in multiple bands!
  5. Well darn, here I am usually silently complaining the random poll generator never picks many of my favorite albums, and here it goes and pits two albums I love dearly from my favorite bands up against each other... tough call to make here... tough call
  6. Another easy one for me. I feel like only the most diehard of prog fans are going to possibly have trouble with this one.
  7. Thought I'd probably end up voting for Aerosmith till I rolled up The Lamb as the second option. Love me some classic Smith, but Genesis is a top 5 band, and The Lamb is a top 3 Genesis album.
  8. I just watched a great video last night analyzing all the best things about one of my favorite songs, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, and it reminded me how much I love Gabriel, his work inside and outside of Genesis is equally awesome. So... here's a thread for him! We may as well start with a question, what's your favorite Peter Gabriel solo album. Rank them if you can, and vote for your favorite above!
  9. Another totally incoherent poll to make J2112YYZ scratch his head. The real question is whether this will be as surprisingly balanced as the Kansas vs. Iron Maiden poll, and of course what will Rick choose ;)
  10. I couldn't find a thread for this mind boggling classic prog group, so I decided to make one since I'm really starting to get into them now! Here's a place to come discuss, question, celebrate, argue over, and take sides on Genesis! I personally hope to learn a lot here since I'm still somewhat new to them. Listening to Wind And Wuthering rn, so what's your opinion on this seemingly lost album? Love it? Hate Phil? Don't know it???
  11. I love both and they have about the same number of albums, so let's compare! Please note my ranking is likely to be incredibly Queen biased if you weren't already expecting that. Queen vs. Genesis Queen > From Genesis To Revelation Queen II > Tresspass Sheer Heart Attack > Nursery Cryme A Night At The Opera > Foxtrot A Day At The Races > Selling England By the Pound News Of The World = The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Jazz < A Trick Of The Tail The Game < Wind And Wuthering Flash Gordon = ...And Then There Were Three Hot Space < Duke The Works > Abacab A Kind Of Magic < Genesis The Miracle > Invisible Touch Innuendo > We Can't Dance and I haven't heard Calling All Stations, so I'll refrain from voting here. Tallied Up that's 8 for Queen, 4 for Genesis, and 2 ties!
  12. Pick one, whoever you think is better, whoever you prefer personally, whoever makes a tastier BLT, however you choose, do choose!
  13. It is an album that I have been obsessed with for a bit now and is one of my favorite Genesis albums. I'm curious to know your thoughts on it, favorite songs? Parts?
  14. These three songs are built upon intriguing and difficult to follow staccato riffs, but which do you prefer?
  15. Figured the other super big english symphonic prog band should have a thread for this idea as well. Top ten Genesis songs (split eras if you must...I might have to), and go! In this order on first thought. --Supper's Ready --Get 'Em Out By Friday --Watcher Of The Skies --Dancing With The Moonlit Knight --Behind The Lines --Firth Of Fifth --Land Of Confusion --Turn It On Again --Mama --The Musical Box
  16. This is interesting to me. I'm currently listening to the live version of IKWIL by Genesis from Seconds Out... And from the synth bass noise at the start to the metronomic beat to the word-beat nearly rapped first couple verses it just reminded me very much of Tom Sawyer. I always thought when I heard TS that nothing else really sounded remotely like it, but now I wouldn't be surprised if the band might have subconsciously been channeling some classic Gabriel era Genesis in a few of the ideas they put in the song. What do you all think? Do you hear similarities at all, or am I just crazy?
  17. Who was the most progressive of these classic prog rock bands. Inspired by listening to ELP's giant triple live album (you know the one) in rememberance of the astonishing Keith Emerson, and thinking they really might have had the clearest handle on prog rock's traditional ideals, a seamless and authentic blending of jazz, rock, classical, and other genres, with thought provoking and/or fantasy and science fiction lyrics. Now my sig says my answer, and I do stick by it, but Rush were only the most progressive IMO because they progressed beyond the traditional constraints of prog, if that makes sense. At their most traditionally proggy, I think they were only equal in progginess to these other bands. What do you think? And if I missed anyone major, please tell me!
  18. For me it's COLLINS-era all the way baby! ALL THE WAY! :madra: I'm gonna reveal to you the dirtiest secret in prog rock, I'm gonna expose Gabriel-era Genesis as a naked fool's gold joke! Collins is a better musician for a start an amazing drummer and yes a better more melodic singer! Gabriel in Genesis by comparison is a wizardy jack-in-a-box keyboard dabbler with the voice of a bitter flesh-mongering jester who has seen better days! Gabriel is also a scullion, a fustilarian, a natural coward, a three inch fool and a monstrous carbuncle. He's also a leathern-jerkin, crystal-button, knot-paced, puke-stocking, gaddis-garter, drop-tongued ball-pouch! And further he is the doppelganger of 70's rock icon David Essex! http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/02/27/article-1254162-087BC6B7000005DC-361_468x438.jpg Peter Gabriel http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02668/Gabriel_2668021b.jpg David Essex To me the poptastic power of Invisible Touch blows away the ponderous squawking and rambling on the albums like Nursery Cryme and the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway! And there it is exposed for all to see, Gabriel-era Genesis is the KING'S CLOTHES! A naked liie!
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