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Found 4 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has any new information about the whereabouts of a higher quality, low generation copy of the March 8, 1990 Auburn Hills show during the Presto Tour. I've been dying to see a higher quality copy of this show that isn't plagued with noise, tape compression, and terrible image quality. I found an additional listing on the Digital Rush Experience database that claims a higher quality source is available. Does anyone have this source and if so, How can I obtain it? Any and all responses with more info are appreciated. The other two listings are Twisted Perception and What's Up Your Sleeve. Available Light has already been uploaded to Youtube. Here's that listing if it helps out: https://www.digitalr...ecordingID=1067
  2. Neither St. Louis or Austin are on Youtube!! What's going on?
  3. RushianRoulette


    I know this post probably doesn't belong in the main forum, however I wanted to gain as big a response as possible. Sorry! So, anyway, at the ripe age of 17, I have only recently discovered the wonders of Rush concert bootlegs. They are still a new concept to me, so I have a few questions I'd greatly appreciate any answers to. 1) Where can I find the best quality Rush concert bootlegs? 2) Is there one place where I can find all Rush bootlegs, or do I have to scour numerous sources? 3) Are there bootlegs in existence for every concert Rush have done? 4) Will any of you be bootlegging the R40 tour? 5) What would you say is the best Rush bootleg?? Thank you in advance!! :D
  4. Journstyx

    Rush Radio Live

    Hello everyone, Can someone tell me if they're familiar with Rush Radio Live CD? It's released on Sunsplash Records and also shows up on Spotify. Some tracks are butchered and misspelled, but the quality of the recordings is pretty good. Does anyone know where these recordings took place? Trackslisting: La Villa Strangiato, Drum Solo, In The Mood, Bastille Day, Finding My Way, Working Man, Beaneath, Between, Behind, The Spirit Of The Radio, Xanadu, Presentation, Anthe, By-Tor & The Snow Dog, Natural Science, Grand Finale, Discovery, Soliloquy, The Temples Of Syrinx, 2112: Overture. Thanks in advance! Journstyx
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