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Found 5 results

  1. I was listening to Music Choice Classic Rock on my cable tv, and I was pleasantly surprised when they played Xanadu. There is no video with Music Choice, just general pictures and facts. I remember a time when I listened to a record or a cassette and had to envision the music in my imagination. In a time before MTV, those guys were really talented at bringing the visual to life.
  2. Why is it a thing that during Xanadu everyone in the audience puts up the peace sign? Geddy throws it up too during parts of it, how did it start? Is it literally only because it's from the 70s, and everyone in the 70s just did that, just 'cause? Lol
  3. I don't know if this is the proper sub-forum to submit this kind of thing. Please point me in the right direction if it's not. But I've been working on my favorite Rush song, Xanadu. And here it is, please no haters, I'm a sensitive guy... and I only have rudimentary recording equipment. https://www.youtube....h?v=CqOi2hNbY24 Album: A Farewell to Kings Song : Xanadu My stuff: Guitar: '96 American Strat w/ rosewood neck. Amps: Fender Blues Jr. w/ NOS German Telefunken Tubes Blackstar w/ NOS U.S. RCA Tubes Effects: in no particular order. Chorus: TC Electronic Compression: Vintage MXR Script DynaComp Volume: Ernie Ball volume pedal 12-string effect: POG Reverb: Cathedral Echo: Vintage Ibanez AD-9 analog delay Fuzz: Soul Bender Lyrics by Neal Peart. Based on the poem, "Kubla Khan; or, A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment", by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. "Kubla Khan; or, A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment" is a poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, completed in 1797 and published in 1816. According to Coleridge's preface to "Kubla Khan", the poem was composed one night after reading a work describing "Xanadu", the summer palace of the Mongol ruler and Emperor of China - "Kubla Khan". Later that night, Coleridge experienced an opium-influenced dream and upon waking , he set about writing lines of poetry that came to him from the dream until he was interrupted. The poem could not be completed as the interruption caused him to forget the lines. He left it unpublished and kept it for private readings for his friends until 1816 when, at the prompting of Lord Byron, it was published. friggin' Lord Byron!!! ------------------------ XANADU To seek the sacred river Alph To walk the caves of ice To break my fast on honey dew And drink the milk of paradise I had heard the whispered tales Of immortality The deepest mystery From an ancient book. I took a clue I scaled the frozen mountain tops Of eastern lands unknown Time and Man alone Searching for the lost Xanadu Xanadu To stand within the Pleasure Dome Decreed by Kubla Khan To taste anew the fruits of life The last immortal man To find the sacred river Alph To walk the caves of ice Oh, I will dine on honeydew And drink the milk of Paradise A thousand years have come and gone But Time has passed me by Stars stopped in the sky Frozen in the everlasting view Waiting for the world to end Weary of the night Praying for the light Prison of the lost Xanadu Xanadu held within the Pleasure Dome Decreed by Kubla Khan To taste my bitter triumph As a mad immortal man Nevermore shall I return Escape these caves of ice For I have dined on honeydew And drink the milk of Paradise.
  4. What songs do you think are being rotated in the setlist?
  5. I just watched a video the RRHOF posted showing what memorbilia the newley inducted bands donated, and I was horrified to See Alex's Double neck in there. Though it will be neat to see in the museum, it also means that the next preformance of Xanadu will be even less authentic (if we ever get Xanadu again). I understand that it hurts alex's back to play it, but still, Xanadu was my last song on my top 5 list to hear live, and now it will be slightly less special to not see his double neck played. One last insult to me was that he gave such a prominent peice of memorbilia to the museum that kept them out 13 years, as I feel the guitar deserves a better home. What does everyone else think. BTW the other memorbilia in the video was Neil's S&A cap, a pair of sticks, and a snare (I could not tell which kit it was from) and one of Geddy's Fender Jazz basses with one of the clockwork angels symbols. It's a nice contrast with Alex's old Guitar and Geddy's new Bass
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