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Found 5 results

  1. So I cheated a little. I was going to make an RPG a few days ago, but both of the albums were pretty much D or C tier bands and not notable releases and I decided I didn't really care, so I scrapped it. Anyway here's another chance for everyone to argue exactly how overrated U2 are and how underrated the Bee Gees were.
  2. Desperately trying to sell one ticket to U2 in Uniondale Long Island this Saturday night, it’s in the red zone on edge’s side. I have a hard copy and I also have a PDF anybody knows anybody, please send them my way thanks .
  3. So U2 have just released the first official single from their forthcoming album "Songs Of Experience." Number one thing that surprised me here is that the album actually looks like it will see release within the year (Dec. 1st), which would bring an end to the absurd four/five year pattern the band began between All That You Can't Leave Behind and How To Dismantle And Atomic Bomb (also two of their least interesting efforts to date, as with much of their 2000s material). This means the new album comes at a standard 3 years after Songs Of Innocence was dropped into everyone's iTunes accounts, which is kind of amazing for U2. In addition, and the big reason why I don't think the Dec. 1st date is a joke, the band has released one official single from the new album and debuted two more of the albums tracks live on their current tour. While nothing here really compares to the band's heyday, to my ears this is some of the most interesting material they've put out in years. Easily more so than Songs Of Innocence, How To Dismantle And Atomic Bomb, and All That You Can't Leave Behind. Anyway, you can judge these songs for yourself I'm sure, so here are the links to the videos of the three tracks, I believe each one is better than the last: The Little Things That Give You Away: Blackout: https://youtu.be/jKWVNNoNHgI You're The Best Thing About Me:
  4. Rush, U2, ZZ Top Does Neil becoming a member before the USA release of Rush's first album make it ALL Original Members? Frank Beard didn't play on ZZ Tops first 2 singles, but did on their first Album. Does this make U2 the only one? :rush:
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