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  1. Already got 20+ in my signature...lets see what you got.
  2. OK here's the skinny... It's pretty self-explanatory. But, since I am out of the ordinary, sort of speak, I'll give an EXAMPLE! (Fanfare) I pick: Available Light laughedatbytime picks: By Tor and Snow Dog Zumbi picks: Cold Fire (predictable) I pick: Dog Years len(songs) picks: Entre Nous ..... Cyclonus X-1 picks: Xanadu and I pick: YYZ Got it? Even the little ones? OK! And have fun! And I'm starting with Analog Kid! ;)
  3. Pretty self-explanatory. Use synonymous words to rename a song or lyric. e.g. Adult Mittens = Kid Gloves You will start speaking small = I can't stop thinking big Just don't do Analog Kid = Digital Man I'll start: Cat Months
  4. Take A Friend Before And After Making Memories Rivendell The Fountain Of Lamneth Lessons Tears Madrigal Different Strings Losing It Emotion Detector Open Secrets Second Nature Tai Shan High Water Chain Lighting Anagram Red Tide Hand Over Fist Available Light Face Up The Big Wheel Heresy Neurotica You Bet Your Life Cut To The Chase Alien Shore Speed Of Love Everyday Glory The Color Of Right Totem Dog Years Carve Away The Stone Peaceable Kingdom The Stars Look Down How It Is Vapor Trail Sweet Miracle Nocturne Freeze Out Of The Cradle Bravest Face Good News First We Hold On BU2B2 Pick your favorite
  5. I always ask, "where is the R41 DVD taking place?!" And since I know how much you guys LOVE to hear me say it... YOU MUST GIVE ME THE ANSWER BEFORE MY HEAD GOES BOOM And?!?!
  6. You know what I mean... Mine is New World Man. NEXT!!!
  7. You know what I mean... Mine is New World Man. NEXT!!!
  8. Back on TRF after a 9-day vacation in Maryland. And no one gives a damn about any birthday wishes?!?!
  9. Because Power Windows I realized was on the last tour a lot. And this seems SO much better. Picture this setlist: Set 1: 2112 in its entirety Limelight Freewill Cut to the Chase Big Money Hand Over Fist/Analog Kid Driven YYZ Set 2: Anthem Bastille Day Best I Can/Making Memories At the Tobes of Hades Beneath, Between, Behind Fly By Night Bacchus Plateau/Rivendell A Passage To Bangkok/In the End La Villa Strangiato Subdivisions Spirit of Radio The Camera Eye Xanadu Tom Sawyer Encore: Cygnus X1 Headlong Flight Working Man Times edited: 2
  10. Set One Tom Sawyer Big Money New World Man/Force Ten Fly By Night Analog Kid YYZ Freewill Jacob's Ladder/Time Stand Still Witch Hunt La Villa Strangiato Set Two One Little Victory Driven Limelight Red Barchetta/The Camera Eye Roll The Bones Territories The Pass The Trees/Digital Man Natural Science/Virtuality Dreamline Spirit of Radio Encore Subdivisions Anthem Headlong Flight/(nothing) Working Man Little cheesy but...
  11. First of all, if you don't like the title, DEAL WITH IT. LIKE IT OR NOT, you must pick 3 songs from your least favorite album that should be on the new tour. (a little fun for mwah) Get it? Got it? Good.
  12. Zumbi like S&A, I like Power Windows. What do the holy people of The Rush Forum think about that?
  13. Behold! My inspiration-ness! (That's right...I made a word) http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/awesome+cat_eaf14b_3078775.jpg http://www.reactionimage.org/img/gallery/398235579.jpg http://creditworksusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/youre-awesome-animated-gif.gif And I help people when I'm bored EDIT: You will get more awesomeness soon
  14. I WANT TO SEE MORE FIRE DURING SONGS FOR THE 2015 TOUR!!! OR SMOKE!!! OR FIREWORKS!!! OR FRIED CHICKENS!!! I EVEN MADE A LIST!!! :fury: :fury: :fury: FIRE :fury: :fury: :fury: 2112 (In between 2112 Overture & Temples) YYZ Working Man (Fireworks at end) Carnies Far Cry One Little Victory Driven (In between spacing of final chorus & outro) and much more!!! :fury: :fury: :fury: FIRE :fury: :fury: :fury:
  15. Here's your chance to show TRF what a good encore is! Some of mine: Tom Sawyer Headlong Flight Working Man Spirit of Radio 2112 / Temples / Finale Xanadu Working Man Beneath, Between, Behind Bacchus Plateau 2112 / Temples / Finale Cygnus X1 Hemispheres Working Man 2112 in its entirety!!! EDIT: Only some
  16. I don't know if this was already posted or not but if it wasn't, here it is :D Here's the skinny. watchmojo.com is the world's #1 top 10 site. And a couple days ago, they made a Rush top 10 list. I honestly think it could've been better, but it is what it is. Enjoy!
  17. Choose. There are no wrong answers. WRONG ANSWER!!!!1!!!!!one!!!!!
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