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Found 2 results

  1. A couple years ago on TRF we had a thread going about how pretentious prog bands can be sometimes- it might have come up when DT wrote about the Persian empire I'm not sure- and anyhow I thought wouldn't it be funny if someone wrote a song about the life cycle of the cicada, complete with all the roman numerals and everything. Well, now someone has! If you're not familiar, a cicada's a large-ish insect that lays its eggs in the ground where they hatch and live there for a very long time (17 years I believe). Then they crawl up to the surface and molt their shells into their winged forms for a few weeks to mate and lay more eggs and die shortly thereafter, whereas the cycle begins again. I mean, what a subject for prog right? :D I'll put the lyrics below the "video", it's just a title card because honestly I don't know how you'd go about making a video about this sort of thing. I don't know jack shit about what time signatures this thing is and all that jazz and did my best with the drums but it didn't come out to bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQPULqvMf6c&feature=youtu.be I. Into the sky Up in the sky Way up high Dodging the trees so we don't die Look at that spot It's good Man, I don't feel so good Landing to lay our eggs Now why can't we feel our legs?! II. Under the earth It's soft and warm and cozy Far below the ground It's where we're living- Darkness, safe and sound But now it's time! The egg just hatched! Squirming larval soup: "We eat and sleep and sleep and eat and poop!" III. Perchance to poop (instrumental) IV. To the Surface The years have passed This life half-assed It's almost time to rise Time to leave this soil most dispised We dig and dig, it takes forever Will we stop? NEVER!! The coldness grips our exoskeletons Our life now begins! V. The Courting of Bug Bitches It's lonely out here Where's all my friends? Climbing on fence posts? Splitting their skins? I feel strange, I'm starting to molt Now I have wings, but where do I go? I'd impress the big bitches, but I ain't got the dough.. Well, here comes one now WHATTA YA KNOW?! I impressed the bug bitches! VI. Into the Sun The deed is done It's time to run Flying off into the sun These wings are new To go unused? What do we do? What do we do?! Falling faster Crashing down Like a bullet towards the ground A LIVING BULLET TOWARDS THE GROUND!! VII. Into the sky (reprise) Up in the sky Way up high Dodging the trees so we won't die Look at that spot It's good Man, I don't feel so good Landing to lay our eggs Why can't we feel...?
  2. Here's a new one from The Booger Myers Band called Ice Cream Jesus. All of our stuff's pretty different-sounding from each other though the themes are often humorous. This one's about me getting a soft serve ice cream at a McDonald's drive thru, reaching for my CD book, and accidentally smashing the cone into our imported Italian silver Jesus cross. Yikes. I have about 30 Booger Myers Band songs recorded so far, almost all of them were written within 2013. The lyrics for this video are below too if you can't make out what it says. Thank you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPgtsZGnoX8 Lyrics: Going through the drive through Grabbed myself a cone Had to hold it with my right hand I still had to drive home Reaching for my CD book I made quite the mess See the cone hit the little Hanging cross of Jesus Ice Cream Jesus! I'm going to hell! I had to get the cone! I had to try and drive home! From the top of Old Smokey To the depths of the Valley You'd need 3 hands to do this And not cause a rally! I suggest that you drive With another or two For when Jesus the co-pilot Just doesn't do! Ice Cream Jesus! I'm going to hell! I had to get the cone! I had to try and drive home! Ice Cream Jesus! He rolled away the cone While hanging from the mirror All the way home! Ice Cream Jesus! He dipped for your sins! And 3 days later He did it again!
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