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Found 14 results

  1. Here's an idea. Post your favorite Styx songs in this list. The first 40 posted will be brought into a poll, then it'll be voting to determine which song is TRF's favorite Styx song. RULES FOR NOMINATION: 1. one song per post 2. no back to back posts by the same user, wait for someone else to take a turn first 3. do your best to copy and paste the list from the last post into your own, it's only 40 songs, so it won't be too long Alright, I'll start! 1. Blue Collar Man
  2. Wow that de-escalated quickly! From a top 40 to a top 10! I bet next up will be the final three!
  3. Okay! That went fast! Good job folks! Now vote for your favorite SEVEN from this list. No more than that!
  4. It seems to me this forum gets very excited any time a classic artist who has been dormant or inconsistent for a long time releases something new that actually lives up to their classic material. We've seen it with Judas Priest's Firepower, Styx's The Mission and Crash Of The Crown, Rush's own Clockwork Angels, and more. But who do you think really had the greatest late career revitalization?
  5. Certainly some of you are likely to abstain, but I find this is a pretty good matchup. The Eagles complacent and on the verge of breaking up, versus Styx biting and scraping to find their own sound.
  6. I generally consider these four bands to be the biggest titans of late 70s early 80s AOR. Toto, Boston, and Survivor are great contenders as well, but they had much different career trajectories in their heyday. The interesting thing about these four bands to me is they all had rather similar careers from about 76/78 through the mid-late 80s. They all flourished commercially in the wake of Boston's debut and helped pioneer the AOR sound. They subsequently all became massive superstars in 1980/1981 with the release of their commercial juggernaut (Hi InFidelity, Paradise Theater, Escape, and 4). Then they all eventually cracked under the pressure of fame and following up that massive success, leading to the departure of one half of each band's creative core after a less than stellar album release (Tommy Shaw from Styx, Steve Perry from Journey, Gary Richrath from REO Speedwagon, and Lou Gramm from Foreigner). So how do you answer the poll questions? I'm going to give those REO and Foreigner albums a listen today as they seem to have sold and been remembered so poorly I've never once seen them in a used record bin, which means I don't yet own them!
  7. Still trying to sell my tickets to this. I had bought one the first presale and then bought a better one the next day. Sometimes presale suck. But then they put another date on sale so I got a first row to that one. Would much prefer to only go to the second show only. so best case scenario, I would sell both of my tickets for November 7. As you can see below, they are not next to each other but only a row apart and relatively close in seat numbers. Sec SEC F, Row G, Seat 14 - this was VIP with swag. I sold the swag on eBay. Ticket originally cost $230, so I would sell for $170. I will still lose money because I didn’t sell the swag for that much. Sec SEC F, Row F, Seat 11 - face after fees was $221. Will sell for $175. Or both for $310....
  8. These four bands all commercially peaked right around the same time and their collective sound dominated charts and airwaves during that time. Their many hits are classics, their rise to fame memorable at least, but even more telling of their similarity are their catastrophic falls in the mid to late eighties. Though each band's story is different, not one of them managed to make it out of the decade unscathed, and some faced greater semi-breakups than others. Seemingly over night each band fell in to that shamed category of popularity known as "has-been" or "washed-up," though modern incarnations and tours have proved very successful to their old fans. Like it or not, these bands share an important chapter of rock and roll history, but which one really made the best impact? That's up to you. Which of these old giants was/is your favorite and why? Post below and add to the poll above! :)
  9. Two totally different bands from almost the same era in two rather different branches of what is now grouped together as "classic rock." In the early 80s, both bands had the same, rather controversial, idea: "let's do an epic concept album with a story and everything!" So they did, without all the band members being on board in either camp, and the results were widely panned by fans and critics in both cases. But, Kilroy spawned some mega hit singles and was no chart dud. And The Elder gained a cult following after its initial commercial and critical failure. The question remains, which band did it better, or worse, or whatever, in your opinion? I love Styx, but a lot of Kilroy is pretty cringey, and not in a good way. Some great singles don't quite save the deep cuts. The Elder is corny as heck and doesn't sound like KISS most of the time, and the concept is really too vague to take off... but it doesn't really weigh the record down either in my opinion, and none of the songs really turn me off. If I pretend it isn't KISS, I wonder why it isn't talked about more often. Sounds to me like the 80s prog-tinged metal bands were still taking notes on this record. My vote's for The Elder, though it definitely bombed harder. Both are probably underrated though. Kilroy does have a couple killer singles going for it.
  10. Which of these mega-blockbuster AOR peak albums from 1980-1981 do you love the most? And why?
  11. Well, despite the likelihood that the Stones destroy Styx in this poll, I couldn't resist. Btw...I like Styx a lot better in general.
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