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Found 1 result

  1. It's back from the dead, I'm resurrecting the TRF Google Hangout. Since my hand injury I have found it difficult to talk to many of you via text in the chat box so I figured why not continue to bump this topic back to the top of Random Samples on a daily basis (I'll try limit it to one bump a day). For those of you who weren't here last time, I created a video chat TRF members can join with a bare-bones Google+ Account. I believe it also works if you simply have gmail. If you have a functioning webcam/mic on your mobile or computer, you can easily join in by clicking this link: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/event/c2iv6tpbpthhefv3pslgd0gh464 In order to talk to folks, they actually have to be in the chat too. Lots of people simply joined when nobody was active and wondered where we all went. Well nobody was in when you joined. This thread will be used to create events people can plan to join or just to announce when you're in there just waiting for someone to join. The last time we had this operational, I met many members here and got to know them better than I would through just their posts. Many are different in reality. It was a lot of fun to meet members like Mick & Segue, TombstoneMountain, ThatOneGuy, PolarizeMe, and other regular TOSTers. I hope to meet more of you if you wish or at least provide the opportunity for many of you to meet others. I would like it if anyone offered any other ways to chat face to face (other than actually meeting), please provide some recommendations for other places and we will amend this post to allow more than just Google+ because it is sometimes a pain. Last time there were issues where some couldn't join so I'd love to put up some alternatives. Also please ask any questions I failed to answer here, I'm very likely to have forgotten something
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