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  1. http://s22.postimg.org/8242kim1d/Screenshot_2015_12_08_19_11_13_zpsgqx4sx2u_edit.jpg
  2. Best band on the planet right now, IN MY IMMODEST AND STUCK UP OPINION! Some info on the next album: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://loudwire.com/alter-bridge-january-2016-studio-return-new-album/&ved=0ahUKEwj7vLa9t6fJAhWCLBoKHU4GCCwQFggbMAA&usg=AFQjCNHoAKiO9k_XvxrerkZIcGBD41M2Uw&sig2=rUrnI1s2tOonl85mtjyHug Some good news! Creed reunion is delayed for at least another year because of all this! YAY!
  3. What are your favourite albums of the year? These are mine: 1. Fleet Foxes- Shores 2. Taylor Swift- Folklore 3. Biffy Clyro- A Celebration Of Endings 4. Bruce Springsteen- Letters To You 5. Taylor Swift- Evermore 6. Trivium- What The Dead Men Say 7. Rina Sawayama- Sawayama- 8. The Killers- Imploding The Mirage 9. Eleine- Dancing In Hell 10. Nightwish- Human Nature
  4. I am in total shock. This actually has devestated me.
  5. I am currently on a chronological revisit of one of my favourite bands of the last couple of years, and by now, of all time. With every revisit, more songs jump out at me as being magnificent. Now I thought it could be fun to open discussion about Judas Priest and their songs, as we often love to debate about albums and rankings and polls. But what are your favourite songs? Of the early albums, my favourite songs are: Rock A Rolla Cheater Victim Of Changes Deceiver Diamonds And Rust Last Rose Of Summer (omg I bloody worship this song) Exciter Better By You, Better Than Me Beyond The Realms Of Death And you know what song really, truly stands out to me? The Stained Class bonus track Fire Burns Below. Bloody love that one! Of course I love plenty more, this list only covers the first four albums! And you?
  6. No arguing about whether Permanent Waves counts or not! This isn't labelled "seventies", I'm just curious about what you guys would rank as top ten from these albums: Rush Fly By Night Caress Of Steel 2112 A Farewell To Kings Hemispheres We have tonnes of these threads. But to know what? I haven't played Rush properly in months. I'd like too change that! Let's start celebrating the music we love! Share your favourites. These records I think are tough as their are so many classics.
  7. A Facebook page I follow (Worship Metal) has a new feature for 2020. One album they deem to be classic every day. So far: 1/1/2020: Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973) Really enjoyed this. 2/1/20: Death Angel- Darkness Descends (1986) I enjoyed this even more! A sublime thrash metal album! 3/1/20: Entombed- Left Hand Path (1990) Another absolutely magnificent metal album! 4/1/20: Metal Church- Metal Church (1984) Again, I enjoyed this one immensely. 5/1/20: Candlemass- Epicus Doomicus Metalicus (1986) My favourite so far! Have you guys any interest in following? I've loved discovering some new albums, it's been great so far. I've enjoyed them all, especially Entombed and Candlemass.
  8. http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-and-love-lorraine-42.png WE ALL LOVE YOU!
  9. Not sure if one of these threads already exists but even if there is one, it's likely time for a new one! I grew up with R.E.M. But as with a lot of things, over time I left them behind and started enjoying more music, most of it far away from this style. But lately I've been listening to them constantly, and not only do I still love these albums, I appreciate them even more than before because I can hear just how special they are. Murmur, Reckoning and Monster are my current favourite albums. I noticed in the last week, as I have moved house, that I do not own a single one of their albums except for Automatic For The People. I've changed that. I've bought the bands first ten albums (the ones I grew up with). So, what are your thoughts on this band? Any favourite songs? Any reasons why you might strongly feel the opposite to how I feel about them?
  10. Presto Roll The Bones Counterparts Test For Echo The worst era...still bursting with killer tunes!
  11. Carrying on from where we left off, now it's time to discuss our favourite songs from this very diverse group of albums: Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Signals Grace Under Pressure Power Windows Hold Your Fire
  12. Arguably the bands most divisive album, where do I stand with this record?
  13. I really want these sets. I here these are the best sounding CD remasters and I would love to have a tidier Rush collection. But I also know there are reported faults in some of these discs. Do any of you guys know how to identify a good edition from a bad edition (barcodes etc)? I know initial pressings of the first and second Sectors had faults with the Fly By Night CD and the AFTK DVD. Some have complained about the harsh sound of ATWAS too. Are they bad, or worthy replacements for my current 1997 remasters (which take up a fair amount of room!).
  14. A Review From A Former MCU Hater: Minor spoilers. I have seen this movie before (around 2009 in fact) and I liked it. For a few short years I casually watched a few more of the Marvel films here and there. But by the time Winter Soldier came out, I was sick to death of the MCU, the rabid fans, the media hype, the constant advertising, so much so thay I decided to just cut these movies out for good! Well, it's now 2018 (barely, I know, but still) and I've avoided nearly every MCU movie released so far. And yet, for several months now a desire to finally catch up with this franchise has grown. I have seen (by choice) trailers for recent movies, admired the really awesome poster art, been mesmerized and stunned by images and screenshots from a few of the movies I have missed (Ragnorok in particular took my breath away from the stills I saw), and now I just feel so ready to start over with this beloved franchise. So, a few days before Christmas, I treated myself to the recent Phase One and Phase Two box sets (on Bluray) and have made it my goal to watch every single MCU movie in the run up to Infinity War: Endgame (totally aware that I am one of only three people in history to have never Infinity War). So, naturally, I begin my journey with Iron Man. Like I said, I remember enjoying this one a fair bit, but it has been so long since I last saw it (and I think I only watched this twice), that watching it again this evening felt like the first time. And it was EXCELLENT! Perfect casting, terrific plot, great character depth (Downey and Paltrow really have great chemistry), and the action sequences were really effective. What surprised me was the attention to small nuances of personality and body language, as I was happy to note that Iron Man was a far more character driven affair than I remembered. Also, to my delight, the action scenes were not dramatically OTT (at least not until the end), which is particularly noteworthy considering I recall the first Avengers movie to be crowded with noisy scenes (by that point I was sick of the whole MCU concept). But with all the praise I am giving this, was it the greatest movie I have ever seen? Well, no. For starters I noticed a few strange mistakes. When Stark is messing around with the suit, it shoots up and he slams into a wall. No injuries. No helmet. It works because it's funny but...yeah, it did slightly jar with the often more serious tone (but the comedic moments do shine in this film, I must say). Then, towards the end in the climactic battle between two suits- both of which are supposed to be pretty close to indestructible- each falls from the sky only to crash land and find themselves in a state of very little real damage. Only then do we see the strongest suit pick up a piece of the smaller suit and crush it in his hand like cardboard. Really? But this is a movie. These aren't terrible moments, just little forgivable goofs. Also, at times the pacing seemed a little off. I did find my mind wondering a little around the middle but by the end of the movie I was absolutely engrossed and enthralled. Overall, this is one of the finest Hollywood action movies I have ever seen. I am so glad I have given Iron Man and the MCU another shot, and am even more eager now to continue. Up next: I have never seen The Incredible Hulk before. Wish me luck! Now as my memory serves me, I loathed Iron Man 2, but I really loved Captain America: The First Avenger (currently my absolute favourite) and I enjoyed Thor. As for Avengers Assemble...I got bored of the franchise hype by that point (as I said before) and it really jaded me to whatever value that movie has. I hated it when it came out but I am ready to try it again. So yeah, Phase One has started and I am one movie down! I am trying hard to rate this movie correctly. It's either an 8 or a 9/10. It is so strong but it's not quite the perfect movie. I will be kind and give it: 8/10 My profile on Letterboxd https://letterboxd.com/SegueMyles
  15. I would love to read more about Rush- The band, their music and more. Are their any good choices?
  16. The eighties is definitely a patchy decade for Rush. But for the most part, it was A great era for them. But Power Windows was an enigma. An album with a lot of fine moments, but little impact. Hold Your Fire on the other hand is an album I have loved unquestionably since the day I first bought it (coincidentally, it was also the last studio album I bought). So how highly do I rate this album? Find out!
  17. Now onto one of the albums that nearly killed all interest I would ever have in continuing my Rush journey! I bought this album in 2012, about a year after I got into them, and for want of a better word, HATED it. Even when I joined this forum, I hated it. It was synthy and bland and just HORRIBLE. But like I normally do, I replay it to see if it gets better. For a short while I loved this. Nowadays I rarely play it. So how do I view it now? Let's find out!
  18. After the mediocre, but not without merit, Signals, I come now to one of my all time favourite albums: 1984's cold, serious (but not too serious) and surprisingly bleak Grace Under Pressure. Arguably my favourite artwork, favourite songs, favourite lyrics and favourite melodies of the entire synth era. Here we go!
  19. Ok...now onto the third era, and an album I normally don't like at all. Will his change? 1982's Signals. I have held off long enough!
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