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Found 10 results

  1. Black Box, 8221 Glades Rd.#10, @ 7:00 pm. Will be playing MP in its entirety I'll be checking this out, has anyone heard these guys before?
  2. It's fun to open your second set with Far Cry and segue directly into the entire Hemispheres album. Unedited live performance, warts and all.
  3. I posted this song before on other threads, a few people asked about the gear used on the above track so here it is for anyone interested: Guitars: Aria Pro semi-hollowbody (90's) Fender Strat (modified) 82' Amp: '87 Marshall Jubilee 50watt head, 4X12 cabinet Effects: deluxe electric misstress, Boss ce-2 chorus, mxr phase 90, Morley volume pedal (no overdrive pedals used) Bass: 71' Rickenbacker 4001 Keyboards: various 'Moog like' soft synths Drums: 20 x 24 DW KICK DRUM 14 x 16 DW FLOOR TOM 12 x 14 DW FLOOR TOM 11 x 13 DW RACK TOM 10 x 12 DW RACK TOM 8 x 10 DW RACK TOM 5 1/2 x 14 Slingerland 1962 maple Snare 22" Paiste Dark Ride 17" Paiste Dark Crash 20" Paiste Reflector Crash 19" Paiste 2002 Crash 8" and 10" Paiste Signature splash 15" Paiste Dimensions Power Hats DW 9000 Double Pedals
  4. We realize this event is over 2 months away, but we are already preparing for it now. We have bi-weekly meetings scheduled with the sound and light crew for this event (as we did last January). Pretty special considering we are the ONLY band that performs at this venue where they have pre-planning involved. Why? Becuase we bring so much to our shows, that planning is imperative. We encourage Rush fans that can make this show, please do. This event marks our 5 year anniversary of our very FIRST show back on Oct 4, 2009. Help us celebrate our anniversary, Rush's 40 year anniversary, in the "birthplace" of Rush (Cleveland) along with the RRHOF. We are planning some very big ideas, special guests, really cool video to incorportate, new songs to introduce and some giveaways to those in attendance to show our appreciation for the continued dedication and support. If you want more information visit our website at www.distantsignals.net/next-show.html http://www.distantsignals.net/Brothers_Lounge_Sept_2014.jpg
  5. sound off west side NY fans. Don't miss this special epic event!! https://m.facebook.c...ilter=upcoming#
  6. If you're a fan of Rush and you live in or near Pittsburgh, PA - We'll be playing at the Altar Bar on June 14 in Pittsburgh. We've got 3 hours of music, it should be a good time! Thanks! http://www.unwiseurge.com/images/uu_altar_bar_20140614-small.png Check out our promo video here: http://www.youtube.c...bed/uqpg4vREEmk Tickets available in advance on Ticketfly.
  7. The voting ends on Sunday, May 11th at 11:59 pm. Some incredible submission on this thing. It's easy and you get to hear some Rush music. Win, win! http://www.rushcon.org/tribute/index.html
  8. Hello all! My band kRUSH - A Tribute to RUSH is playing a show at the Fish Head Cantina in Baltimore, MD on Friday, May 9th. Playing right before us is a Led Zeppelin tribute bad called NOCODA. It should be a great event! Anyone in the Baltimore area interested in coming out or helping us spread the word? It is our first show in this great city and I would love to have a good turnout to start the "word of mouth" process. Thanks all!
  9. RUSH Tribute band - Dreamline is playing Saturday September 21st at The Landmark in South Amboy, NJ at 10PM for an Entire evening of Rush. Hear all your favorite RUSH songs and MORE!! http://www.dreamlineband.net/ https://www.facebook.com/dreamline2112
  10. Hey fellow RUSH fans, I wanted to invite you to see my new promo video for an upcoming release of my acoustic singer songwriter cover of Mission. I am currently working with Anthem to get all the licensing in place. I am releasing an independent progressive rock album called Headspace in 2014. My cover of Mission will close the album out. To listen to some of my progressive rock music that will be on the album stop by my soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/brandon-dyke Here is the promo video for Mission. Enjoy! Thanks: Hold your Fire Keep it burning bright! Brandon
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