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Found 3 results

  1. For over 40 years (and counting) Rush has given to its fans an immeasureable amount of musical content and collectible history. Fans from around the world can never seem to get enough of these guys, scooping up everything from vinyl to posters to buttons to some of the most bizarre memorabilia imaginable. When it comes to Geddy, Alex, and Neil, my vice starts with the music; and more specifically, vinyl. I love vinyl. The love the tactile sensation of holding on gingerly to the wax-like medium. I love the way it looks. I love the sound. Vinyl and what goes in to manufacturing vinyl, from the outer cover art to the actual grooves is pure magic. And I love Rush. Combine the two, and what you come up with a pretty nice (and still growing) collection. As with any type of entertainment collectible, there are the normal items (LPs and 45s), but every now and again, something pops up in the "least expected" pile. I stumbled upon one such thing the other day and being the completeist, I had to jump all over it. These "discs" are seemingly very rare and obscure. Called "Flexi discs", the history shows that they were a relatively common promotional item that sometimes was attached to magazines to showcase an artist or an audible message. The disc I found was manufactured by a company called Budkon. I'm not sure if this is a Russian or Polish company, but back in the early '90s, they manufactured coloured flexi discs of several artists. Note however, that these disks were "unauthorized" (wink wink). These paper-thin, single track 45s were apparently produced in very limited numbers (possibly in the dozens) and notoriously produced horrible sound. While the songs are recognizable, the background noise truly makes these non-listenable, especially as most people have these tracks on better vinyl or digitally. The covers seem like they are printed or copied on computer paper. Check out the link below for more details (referring to Husker Du flexis, but offers a really good explanation). http://www.thirdav.c...scog/budkon.htm I managed to find not onw, but three from our favorite band: Distant Early Warning (Live) Driven The Enemy Within I don't plan to play these on my new turntable with my high end cartridge, but I felt like I had to share these with both the Rush and vinyl communities. Hardly high-quality, but nonetheless, some really interesting pieces of Rush history. Do you have anything in your vinyl collection that is "out there"? http://i.imgur.com/RUOOUX3.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GW28MnC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ymlNgxw.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6iRPNis.jpg http://i.imgur.com/T1rwNB9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/utn0hFc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/UtqBYTL.jpg
  2. Hi all, I created a Flickr group a while back for Rush memorabilia. Take up on membership has been a little slow but then again I haven't really had much time to promote it. The group is a place where you can post your scans of all kinds of Rush memorabilia and ephemera including tickets, news articles and reviews, posters, handbills, pin badges, patches, record covers etc. I would also like people to post photos of Rush shirts both official and unofficial. The only thing I ask is that people don't post concert photos they have taken from shows they have attended. There are plenty of Flickr groups for concert photos. Live band posters from music publications past and present are fine though. You do need to have a Flickr account to post stuff but joining Flickr is free. To visit the group and see what's already there visit Look forward to welcoming you to the group. Merv aka Analog Sid PS - Forum Mods - If you think this is best posted on a different thread please feel free to move.
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