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  1. Hey Everyone. I am constantly plagued with the question on whether or not it is odd my choice of favorite bands/artists. Obviously Rush is my favorite band, but before I heard Rush for the first time, I was a huge Green Day fan, and I made the leap without much hesitation, all my colleagues at my music school found it odd that I could jump so quickly from the simple styles of punk rock to the diverse and hard to digest genre of Prog rock, and they are all musicians who are supposed to be open to all genres. Later on I discovered Oingo Boingo, a somewhat hard to classify band (closest to 80's alternative dance rock) that was fronted by film composer Danny Elfman. Though others could at least tell I could relate rush to them because of their non-conformist writing and composition, people found their sound different still to accept how I could so easily jump to this band. Then I made probably the most odd jump of all. I became a major fan of Owl City. For those who don't know, he is an indie Synth-pop/rock act that has two hits with Fireflies and Good Time. In other words, I jumped into popular music. He still had a great quality of writing that I loved, and I could relate to his basement synth compositions and common themes of insomnia and introversion, but people were still shocked, even my other musician buddy who up until then understood my changes had a hard time digesting this (I got him to turn around eventually though). And now I have finally I have gotten into They might be Giants, which though is a more understandable group after seeing how eclectic my music choices are, still seem far away from everything else with their more homespun indie sound. Or to Sum up, I like... Rush (Prog), Oingo Boingo (80's Alternative Dance Rock), Owl City (Indie Synth pop), They Might be giants (Alternative), and Green Day (pop-punk). What does everyone think? Thanks for reading my ramblings. RushBoingo
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