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  1. I've looked through the previous game and I thought it looked like a lot fun to play, so I've decided to make a sequel to the game. I'll start it with this, I don't know if this'll be too funny, if funny at all, but I'll at least try. "Argh, Alex! This is the last time I let you borrow my glasses! Thanks to you misplacing them, I can't see a damn thing I'm playing!" That's the best I can do, at least at this moment, sorry if it's not funny.
  2. Hi, I just joined this forum yesterday and I was looking for a place to post this topic and I felt this was the best place to put it in. My question is, does anybody go to the website rushradio.net aka Rush Radio 2112 and has anybody noticed recently that the website hasn't been able to load up for a few days, I thought it was just temporarily down, but now I don't know. I just really want to know what's going on with the website.
  3. Anybody know what happened to the other members of the band? I know the organist passed away, and we tragically lost Neil last year, but I can't find any info regarding the other guys. Does anybody have any information on these guys or where I can find some? I have their names but that's it. Late organist - Bob Morrison guitarist - Paul Dickinson, bass guitarist - Wally Tomczuk singer, lyrics - Gary Luciani drums, lyrics - Neil Peart
  4. After years of being unseen by the public, Neil's Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves Tama Drum Kit has been reassembled and showcased in a new video on YouTube. It is in beautiful condition, and whoever owns it now has done a great job caring for it.
  5. Folks here probably know of the "Pieces of Eight" piece that Neil wrote and which appeared in a 1987 issue of Modern Drummer magazine. A Canadian musician I follow, Lee Rosevere, has recently put out an EP of covers of Can-Con called MAPL Roots, born out of a cover he did of the previously pointed-out Peart piece. In his own words: The release is a free download for all those interested! (And if you like more ambient and soundtrack-type music, do check out Lee's other records on Bandcamp. I am a big fan of his Five Minute Meditations series.)
  6. Hi On behalf of Dream Aria, we would like to announce the official release of our Tribute to Neil Peart, our song and video, “The Professor”. Please know this comes from the bottom of our hearts. We can only hope we have done Neil and RUSH some justice, especially in light of how much they have selflessly given to THE WORLD. “The Professor” is a tribute to the late, great, drummer, lyricist, and author, Neil Peart of the band RUSH, who sadly passed away last Jan. 7th, 2020. He has been not only a major influence on me personally (and other members within the band), but on countless other artists and music lovers around the globe. One could write a novel on all his incredible accomplishments as a musician, lyricist and author. But it cannot go unnoticed his modesty and integrity as a few more of his most endearing attributes. And as a Canadian and on behalf of my fellow countrymen, I am sure I can speak for us all in saying that we were and always will be proud to call him “one of our own”. Thank you Neil. Your legacy lives on and continues to be part of the soundtrack of so many of our lives. Ann Aria and the Lads
  7. Here's a link to a quiz that exists, in case you don't know your answer already: http://www.quizfarm.com/quizzes/Rush/Big_Tommy_P/which-member-of-rush-are-you/ I scored as Alex Lifeson, which probably means I'm on an emotional high right now and I had too much coffee again. I'll probably be Neil in a couple of weeks, in which case I'll be on the forum with the iPad in bed while complaining about my life and cursing society. I just wish I could reach a Geddy-style equilibrium once in a while.
  8. https://www.bonhams....ew_lot/5422694/ NEIL PEART'S CHROME SLINGERLAND DRUM KIT USED WITH RUSH FROM 1974-1977. Slingerland Drum Kit including 2 22-inch Bass Drums with chrome wrap including original head; blue resonant heads each with large silver Rush logo and "Neil" on one and "Peart" on the other (originals and additional replicas); 2 13-inch Tom Toms with chrome wrap; 14-inch Tom Tom with chrome wrap and with original head SIGNED by Peart, latter 3 Toms with Set-O-Matic mount; 16-inch Floor Tom with chrome wrap; Set of 4 Concert Toms with copper wrap in 6, 8, 10 & 12-inch. All with 3-ply shells of maple, poplar and mahogany. Kit extended with generally period-correct replacements: 14-inch Slingerland Artist Snare with copper wrap; 2 Zildjian 8-inch Splash Cymbals; Zildjian 13-inch New Beat Hi-Hat Cymbal pair; 2 Zildjian 16-inch Medium Crash Cymbals; Zildjian 18-inch Medium Crash Cymbal; Zildjian 20-inch Medium Crash Cymbal; Zildjian 22-inch Ping Ride Cymbal; Ludwig 4-inch Gold Tone Cowbell, model #129; LP Standard Agogo Bells; LP Black Beauty Cowbell; Gon Bops Agogo Tri Bells; LP Rock/Bongo Cowbell; Spectrasound Mark Tree with 35 brass bar Chimes; LP Bell Tree with 28 brass bells; 5-piece Temple Blocks; 2 Ludwig Speed king bass drum pedals; Ludwig Seat Case; Rogers Stick Tray Assembly and with all associated hardware. Provenance: Purchased by Neil Peart in late July/early August 1974 from Long & McQuade, Toronto; placed in storage in 1977; One of three drum kit's donated by Neil Peart for Modern Drummer Magazine's "Neil Peart Drumset Giveaway" introduced in the March 1987 issue. This set awarded to New York drummer Mark Feldman in the October 1987 issue and with a Letter Signed ("Neil Peart"), 2 pp, Toronto, July 20, 1987, informing Feldman that he was a contest winner and commenting on his submission; sold by Feldman to the present owner; Exhibited: Rhythm Discovery Center, Indianapolis. Although Rush had formed as early as 1968 and had even released its eponymous debut album, it wasn't until original drummer John Rutsey left and Neil Peart stepped in that the band's flame was truly ignited. It went from a blues and hard rock band whose first album was considered derivative of Led Zeppelin to a platinum-selling progressive rock powerhouse. Neil Peart not only provided the basis for more complex song structures with his masterful drumming, but by taking over as a lyricist, he freed bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson from a duty they had never wanted so that they could focus on bringing the collective musicianship to another level. Peart reportedly arrived at his July 1974 audition with Rush in a battered car, wearing shorts and transporting his drum kit in trash cans. Lee and Peart hit it off instantly, although it took Lifeson a bit longer to warm to warm to the drummer. Still, they eventually agreed to invite Peart into the band on July 29 of that year, two weeks before the group's first US tour. Peart purchased a silver Slingerland drum kit from local music store Long & McQuade that he used on his first show with the band, opening for Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann's Earth Band at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh on August 14, 1974. He played this kit on the breakthrough Fly by Night, Caress of Steel, and 2112, considered among the greatest progressive rock albums of all time. Probably the highest profile live appearance of the kit was the 3-night performance at Toronto's Massey hall when the band's first live album All the World's a Stage was recorded. Peart was introduced at those shows as "the Professor on the drum kit" and his extended drum solo on "Working Man," played on the Slingerland kit, is legendary among fans. All the World's a Stage marked the end of Rush's first chapter and Peart's Slingerland drum kit was soon afterward retired. Rush had gone from Led Zeppelin wannabes to a US Top-40 charting band with a distinctive sound poised to win fans the world over. The Slingerland kit had been on the road for 5 consecutive US and Canadian tours and was seen by thousands of fans from 1974 through 1977. Neil retired the kit at that time and placed it in storage where it sat until it was brought out a decade later as a prize in Modern Drummer's "Neil Peart Drumset Giveaway."
  9. I was curious to get some peoples' opinions on this. I recently finished Ghost Rider and, the next day, put on my VT CD to listen to (the remix/remaster – I'm not a masochist!). Anyway, it was interesting to hear the album in a "reflected in another source of light" as it were, specifically the songs related to Neil's travels. I obviously always knew the big picture of what happened from 1997 to 2002, but reading all the details gave some more context. For example, beyond the obvious "Ghost Rider", there is "Secret Touch" relating to his experience with Gabrielle; the mentioning of tarot cards in "Peaceable Kingdom" (probably inspired by the surprisingly accurate tarot card reading he had done); the line, "You can't tell yourself how to feel" in "How It Is", which is recurrent throughout the latter half of the book. Actually, in terms of "Ghost Rider", I heard the lines, "There's a shadow on the road behind / There's a shadow on the road ahead" differently upon the most recent listen, and connect it to perhaps his reference of a "splintered personality" during his healing journey, of which the Ghost Rider was one facet. It's strange because I always thought I knew what Vapor Trails was, and now it has given me a new perspective.
  10. Hi everyone! I've asked the forum admin if it would be okay to post about Rhythm Magazine's up-coming special tribute to Neil, out at the end of this month (November 2020). We have been working on this issue for a while now - we had to shut temporarily when shops and airports closed earlier this year, and so this issue, due out originally in April, is long overdue and much anticipated, but it has also given us the opportunity to really craft it - and it is a truly amazing tribute to The Professor. We have the main feature about Neil, covering his life as a drummer and world-famous member of Rush, his sound and various setups and his personal journey as a musician, lyricist and man. Then we have a moving set of tributes from drummers he influenced and inspired, including Mike Portnoy (who's written a brilliant Recommended Listening article all about his favourite Rush albums and tracks, and why), Jon Theodore, Marco Minnemann, Craig Blundell, Tim 'Herb' Alexander, Peter Erskine and many more; and from people in the industry, including John Good at DW and Chris Stankee at Sabian. And rounding it out, we have a spread devoted to Neil's drummer teacher, Freddie Gruber, who Neil learned from later in his drumming career, helping him with his setup and method, helping him move more fluidly around his set - this is by Dave Weckl and Steve Smith, two very well-known drummers who also studied with Freddie. We are a drumming mag in the UK but we sell the magazine in shops around the world, though not everywhere, and so in case anyone here would be interested, I wanted to give some details about it and links to our online shop: www.rhythmdrumnetwork.com A copy is selling for £5.99 (UK delivery), prices change by delivery location to include p+p. Subscriptions - if you are interested in drumming or are a drummer yourself - start at £49.99 (UK) - 10 issues a year (1 every 5-6 weeks). I hope you find the time to check it out - it is a wonderful tribute paying homage to one of the best drummers and lyricists ever and who is so sorely missed. Thank you for your time, Ondine Barry, Publisher Rhythm Magazine
  11. I was completely shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of my hero today. I don't use the term hero flippantly. Neil Peart was and is my hero. That said, I was a bit confused to notice how affected I was to hear of his passing. It really threw a curveball into my day and after much reflection I have a sense as to why. As a 10 year old kid who always felt different to other boys my age the lyrics of Neil Peart had a profound effect on me. I was a sensitive kid who had just moved from small town Canada to a big city in Virginia and I felt somewhat ungrounded. While I had always loved music it was then that I really started to dive into lyrics and connect with all elements of the songs I was listening to. Discovering Rush was a huge moment in my life. It seemed mind-blowing to me that a trio of musicians could create so much depth and breadth of sound and own their instruments to such a degree. It was Neil's lyrics though that touched a nerve that hadn't been touched before. In a world of toxic masculinity it was both surprising and refreshing to read lyrics about things that were considered stupid or dramatic by many others. This was the first time I saw someone put on paper and with such energy, the things that I was concerned with. Things like the environment, corporate power, the superficiality of many relationships, racism, war, genocide, misogyny and the importance of self. Mind blowing realizations about myself and the world I lived it were in constant flow. To have my feelings and concerns reflected back to me in such an articulate way, and through the delivery method of progressive rock music, was a gift of epic proportions. It was an irony playing out in my daily existence, keeping things light and safe and playing my part by day, then at night coming home and busting out of my shell in my room alone with my nerdy vinyl friend. These were my formative years and I was being molded by a man who was a rockstar by profession but in truth always just wanted to blend into the background and nurture his own soul. Today I am grateful for the man that I am. The lyrics of Neil Peart played a huge part in contributing to the acceptance and gratitude I have for who I am today. He helped me find the confidence to just be who I was and not worry about what other people think. I spent many years trying to convince friends and strangers what an amazing band Rush was. Later in life I began to change my mindset and love the fact that it was just me and them. I still listen to Rush almost daily. Neil's lyrics still have a profound effect on me today. Every time I listen I hear something new and I often hear exactly what I need to hear. I lost a dear friend today. It doesn't matter that I never met him or that millions of fans might feel the same way. It's real, and meaningful. Rest In Peace buddy.
  12. Life in Surround is a YouTube channel (with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tie-ins) dedicated to promoting great surround music. Rush have several great surround albums. Mike, from Life in Surround is a huge Rush fan, and here is a very touching tribute, which includes an overview of Rush in surround.
  13. Hi everyone, Hope you're all well in this mad world at the moment. My friend and I, big Rush fans based in the UK, have a small podcast series and a week or so after the tragic events in January, we recorded a retrospective tribute to Neil, going through each album and giving our thoughts. If anyone is interested in giving them a listen, the links are below: Part One - 1974 - 1981 Part Two - 1982 - 2015 Even if you don't agree with us, I hope you enjoy the listen! Thanks HWTAT
  14. "Some are born to move the world. To live their fantasies." ~NEP 1982 So as this sad news settles in about Neil's passing, I still can't believe he's gone. As scores of people are digging through their old collections to play their dust covered cassettes and albums of Rush songs, or calling to Siri or Alexa to play Rush (which I think is great), for me it's just another day of listening to the band I've listened to practically every day for the past 30 years. But now I'm listening to certain songs with a different sense of meaning or significance, and I can't help but find tragic irony to this song, Losing It. I was talking about this with 1-0-0-1-0-0-1. He found the connection to the first verse, the dancer, to Neil's chronic tendonitis. It became too painful for Neil to continue playing at the level he would demand of himself, and it forced him into retirement. For me, I found the connection to the second verse, the writer. For a man who could have (should have) had the time to write more, Neil was stricken with a disease that left him unable to. Tragic irony. Eerie foresight. Call it what you will. All I can say is that I'll always attach Neil to this song every time I listen to it from now on. Something I never could have imagined. To Neil... "For you the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee." https://youtu.be/jEagi9co0Ko
  15. I will be ranking every Rush original studio album. Each track will be rated as follows: Awful, Very Poor, Poor, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Good, Great, Superb Each album will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Feel free to give your input on each album and discuss why you like/dislike each album. Please keep it civilized and have fun!
  16. Geddy wished Neil a Happy Birthday on Instagram a day early! I thought people might enjoy seeing the photos. geddyimagesAhead of Sept 12th I want to be first to wish a big happy birthday to my brother in arms and rhythm section partner for over 42 years - Cheers Peke! and for those of you that think he's the "serious” one.. well, au contraire! #whatdayisit? #booksarefortourists#LekePekeDeke #bubbagump#OfficerOMalley #FaleetNeeEth #rush#neilpeart #firstpost #jumpedthegun
  17. As most fans know, Neil authored several books in the 1980's that he privately published and distributed to friends and families. One of those books, Raindance Over the Rockies: Across the Rocky Mountains by Bicycle, came into my possession recently. As I've done with several of his other privately published books, I've transcribed the first five chapters of the novel and made it available here: https://www.cygnus-x...the-rockies.php It's an interesting read, particularly if you're interested in cycling, however there are some Rush-related tidbits as well... Enjoy-
  18. I haven't seen this before and can't find a specific topic about it.... Sabian Paragon cymbals presents:... The story told around The SS Professor Tour about how Neil came to use Sabian is a nice tale of doing what is best, not what you've always done.... I'll share if anybody cares. Rock ON!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmbGhoJfYLM
  19. I stole this from Rushisaband.com, who had it submitted from Neil's friend Brutus' Twitter account. Anyway, Neil has been hanging out with his younger brother Danny, who just published a new book of poetry, "Another Mountain To Climb." Danny is the one in the center. It's nice to see Neil looking relaxed and happy.
  20. It's been a while since we've seen or heard from Neil, so it was great to see that he recently penned a tribute to Buddy Rich for Rhythm Magazine. You can read all about it at this link: http://news.cygnus-x1.net/2017/09/neil-peart-pens-100th-birthday-tribute.html Let's hope this is the first of more writings from Neil... John
  21. I will be posting my reviews of Rush's studio albums. Tell me whether you agree or disagree with my thoughts on each album. Keep in mind I will be posting a rating at the bottom of each linked article, my thoughts have changed since I wrote some of these.
  22. JohnRogers


    Outrageous that Neil Peart wasn't included. Any list involving Top Ten and Drummer should have Neil Peart listed, ANY LIST! https://thezreview.com/2017/07/24/top-ten-overrated-drummers-time/
  23. I guess it shouldn't surprise me, seeing the business they're in, but I was surprised to read the Neil, even in his later years, uses drugs? I guess I would expect it from the younger guys, but I did find myself trying to read and reread the article trying to make the drugs seem like pot. Not a huge deal, I guess, but I thought some here would be interested. -->"]
  24. The Neil Peart autographed Rush R-30 photo collage pair is for sale on eBay: RUSH - Neil Peart R30 print #1 by Andrew MacNaughtan - Signed by Neil RUSH - Neil Peart R30 print #2 by Andrew MacNaughtan - Signed by Neil
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