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  1. 'Diabolica' is the 4th album by death metal project HAIDUK. Lend your ear to track #2 - 'Swarm'. If you dare...
  2. What are your top 5 metal albums for BASS? I'm listening to Geezer Butler dominate on Mob Rules right now!!!
  3. So many metalheads here, and not a word on the brilliant VIKINGS shows (on History)? You don't deserve your Bathory discography! :P :P I'm really hooked and so sad that the 1st season is already over. One of the things I really appreciate is that all the actors speak so clearly. I get every word! The wife's hooked too, but I suspect for all the wrong reasons. What could she possibly see in all those hot, tall, blonde guys? Beats me! The guy who plays Floki, the boats builder, is totally black metal!! Anyone?
  4. So this will work a lot like the "TRF's favorite band that isn't Rush" thread from a while back. Everyone list have UP TO ELEVEN albums which they feel belong on a list of the greatest 100 metal albums ever. Define metal however you like, but know that if your choice proves controversial, you will have to defend your faith in your "metal". And please, if anyone upsets you or you upset anyone, no screaming for vengeance. ;) As often as I can I'll post an updated tally listing each album that has been nominated and how many times it has been nominated. In probably about a week or so I'll take the top 100 albums with the most nominations, and make a poll out of them in a new thread to see which one is the definite winner, though a ranking by number of nominations will be posted with it. Hopefully we actually get up to 100 albums, lol. Being a newcomer into the world of metal, my list may seem fairly, erm... generic, but here it is in a very rough order (expected to change often over the next few years): Rust In Peace - Megadeth Stained Class - Judas Priest The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden Paranoid - Black Sabbath Sad Wings Of Destiny - Judas Priest Among the Living - Anthrax Screaming For Vengeance - Judas Priest Master Of Puppets - Metallica Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath Master Of Reality - Black Sabbath ...And Justice For All - Metallica Honorable mentions: Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events; Images And Words Rush - 2112 (if your really want to count it, I still say the attitude isn't quite metal) Anthrax - Spreading The Disease Metallica - Ride The Lightning Judas Priest - British Steel
  5. 100. Avenged Sevenfold – “City Of Evil” 99. Evanescence – “Fallen” 98. Sunn O))) – “Monoliths & Dimensions” 97. Gojira – “From Mars To Sirius” 96. Kvelertak – “Meir” 95. Dream Theater – “Images And Words” 94. Deafheaven – “Sunbather” 93. White Zombie – “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One” 92. Eyehategod – “Take As Needed For Pain” 91. Naked City – “Torture Garden” 90. Body Count – “Body Count” 89. Nightwish – “Once” 88. Pig Destroyer – “Terrifyer” 87. Manowar – “Hail To England” 86. Lamb Of God – “As The Palaces Burn” 85. Darkthrone – “Transilvanian Hunger” 84. High On Fire – “Blessed Black Wings” 83. Baroness – “The Red Album” 82. Entombed – “The Left Hand Path” 81. Bathory – “Under The Sign Of The Black Mark” 80. Ministry – “Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs” 79. At The Gates – “Slaughter Of The Soul” 78. Voivod – “Dimension Hatröss” 77. Meshuggah – “Destroy Erase Improve” 76. Twisted Sister – “Stay Hungry” 75. Morbid Angel – “Covenant” 74. Venom – “Welcome To Hell” 73. Scorpions – “Blackout” 72. Isis – “Oceanic” 71. Living Colour – “Vivid” 70. Death – “Human” 69. Soundgarden – “Louder Than Love” 68. Marilyn Manson – “Portrait Of Am American Family” 67. Queensrÿche – “Operation: Mindcrime” 66. Deftones – “White Pony” 65. Faith No More – “Angel Dust” 64. Godflesh – “Streetcleaner” 63. Sodom – “Agent Orange” 62. Sleep – “Jerusalem” 61. Converge – “Jane Doe” 60. Melvins – “Bullhead” 59. Napalm Death – “From Enslavement To Obliteration” 58. Life Of Agony – “River Runs Red” 57. Emperor – “Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk” 56. The Dillinger Escape Plan – “Calculating Infinity” 55. Opeth – “Blackwater Park” 54. Helmet – “Meantime” 53. Type O Negative – “Bloody Kisses” 52. Def Leppard” – “Pyromania” 51. Carcass – “Heartwork” 50. Slipknot – “Iowa” 49. Neurosis – “Through Silver In Blood” 48. Rainbow – “Rising” 47. Slayer – “South Of Heaven” 46. Mastodon – “Leviathan” 45. Exodus – “Bonded By Blood” 44. Mötley Crüe – “Shout At The Devil” 43. Judas Priest – “Stained Class” 42. Diamond Head – “Lightning To The Nations” 41. Kyuss – “Blues For The Red Sun” 40. Mayhem – “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” 39. Pantera – “Far Beyond Driven” 38. Iron Maiden – “Powerslave” 37. Black Sabbath – “Heaven And Hell” 36. Van Halen – “Women And Children First” 35. Metallica – “Kill ‘Em All” 34. Black Sabbath – “Master Of Reality” 33. Megadeth – “Countdown To Extinction” 32. Black Sabbath – “Sabotage” 31. Slayer – “Seasons In The Abyss” 30. Korn – “Korn” 29. Sepultura – “Chaos A.D.” 28. Celtic Frost – “Morbid Tales” 27. System Of A Down – “Toxicity” 26. Alice In Chains – “Dirt” 25. Metallica – “Metallica” 24. Rage Against The Machine – “Rage Against The Machine” 23. Danzig – “Danzig” 22. Mötley Crüe – “Too Fast For Love” 21. Metallica – “…And Justice For All” 20. Anthrax – “Among The Living” 19. Megadeth – “Rust In Peace” 18. Tool – “Ænima” 17. Mercyful Fate – “Melissa” 16. Dio – “Holy Diver” 15. Ozzy Osbourne – “Diary Of A Madman” 14. Black Sabbath – “Vol. 4” 13. Iron Maiden – “Iron Maiden” 12. Judas Priest – “Screaming For Vengeance” 11. Metallica – “Ride The Lightning” 10. Pantera – “Vulgar Display Of Power” 09. Ozzy Osbourne – “Blizzard Of Ozz” 08. Megadeth – “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” 07. Motörhead – “No Remorse” 06. Slayer – “Reign In Blood” 05. Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath” 04. Iron Maiden – “The Number Of The Beast” 03. Judas Priest – “British Steel” 02. Metallica – “Master Of Puppets” 01. Black Sabbath – “Paranoid“
  6. My favorite is Metallica, but all of The Big 4 is great! :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz:
  7. http://i.imgur.com/pG1YTuY.png Skip this if you don't like random walls of text. KMFDM was originally a performance art project founded by Sascha Konietzko and Udo Sturm in 1984, who needed a name for their exhibition at the Grand Palais in France. Having ambitions that go beyond making random noises on synthesizers, playing vacuum cleaners, fire eating, yelling profanities throwing things at the audience, KMFDM made their musical debut in 1984 with the independently released Opium, which , I assume, is post-modern art. KMFDM have made several albums in the eighties, but their peak happened in the nineties when the band moved to America and began using guitars according to their intended purpose (it's a little more complicated than that, in reality). The release of Angst in 1993 solidified their sound as an Industrial Metal band, while the release of Nihil in 1995 launched them into almost-mainstream popularity. Their aggressive follow-up in 1996, Xtort, would be their best-selling record. They did some other shit that can be read on Wikipedia. Having sold around two million records worldwide, KMFDM are quite possibly the poster child of political, industrial metal. KMFDM have like 19 studio albums and probably three times as many other releases. KMFDM has spawned over a dozen associated acts and has had more members than can be counted on fingers and toes. Popular former members include En Esch, Raymond Watts and Tim Skold. A few years ago, I was an angry loner kid in high school and fell in love with KMFDM because it provided an outlet for my aggression which I had previously been turning inward. It allowed me to hold on for just a bit longer as my high school senioritis was in full swing. Enough to graduate without completely losing interest. KMFDM features catchy beats, repeated heavy metal riffs, lots of synths and both female and male voices, which was an important crutch for me. Most importantly they were still making money and still actively touring. Having been raised to believe I'd missed my chance at experiencing live music I could connect with, this was a pretty cool discovery. Some Songs: Listen, if you're just getting into KMFDM then I ardently suggest pretending all of their albums pre-Angst don't exist. I think they're shit. Here's a few personal favorites to start. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxWC5M8C6VI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwhOTNQcQq4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYq90TEdxIE
  8. I'm sure there are some oldskool metal fans on here who remember Hellion from the early 80s as a rock solid heavy metal band. Up From The Depths, Screams In The Night & The Black Book are all great albums that I feel some TRFers will have & love. Well, the band have recently released a 5 track EP entitled Karma's A Bitch & it's a strong effort that's worth a listen if you're into Hellion. It's very cheap too. Less than a fiver. Simon Wright (AC/DC,Dio) is on drums & does a great job, as does guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle. The riffs are great, the solos shred & Ann Boleyn's vocals are really cool. Here's a taster.
  9. I'm sure Earl would have called this thread "21ST CENTURY MUTOID MAN!!!" or something like that, anyway I just stumbled upon this video and though I'd share it. I dig their groove and the drummer would win Mr. Fletcher's approval, I think...
  10. The mighty Byzantine are currently crowdfunding their upcoming new album with the ultra-metal title "To release is to resolve" (hope it's not about farts). They even made a hilarious trailer that you can see below:
  11. I am debating between Clockwork Angels and Fly By Night to be their hardest albums IMO. What do you guys think is their hardest, most metal-like album?
  12. http://www.roadburn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Electric-Citizen-Sateen.jpg Seems there's a lot of Coven wannabees of late, isn't it? But still, some of them are good! Case in point, Electric Citizen. The best thing I can say, they're like an early-days Sabbath with a female vocalist. Especially the drummer, you can hear he worships Bill to his heart. To some point, the riffs sound more like "Iommi quotes" than "Iommi inspired", but still I am enjoying this album, and the singer sounds mightly sexy, which is not something I would say about other occult bands today.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-DTNRoL95o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WellcnLE4Pc http://assets.blabbermouth.net.s3.amazonaws.com/media/christopherleemetalknight.jpg :blaze: :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: :blaze:
  14. Hot chicks playing occult metal, but with good songs! What's not to like? They toured with Ghost and Uncle Acid.
  15. http://metallizer.dk/generate-random-heavy-metal-album This is pretty cool and pretty funny... :smoke: :haz:
  16. :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: Happy Birthday, metaldad! :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz: :haz:
  17. I just bought this album and it's pretty brilliant. It flows so naturally like a single piece of music, both haunting and dreamy. You can stream it and buy it here: https://solarhalos.bandcamp.com/album/solar-halos
  18. Any metal fans here listen to Butcher Babies? They've slowly grown on me. I mean yeah, the 2 singers are great eye candy, but they can also scream and sing so well- that's what got me hooked :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjsAloS0ctk
  19. I think the best way to talk about this new band is post the story that hooked me in the first place. So, from Decibel blog: When it comes to stories of how bands started up, Avatarium’s has quickly become a favorite of mine. Candlemass head honcho Leif Edling was at his own birthday party, when Mikael Åkerfeldt drunkenly suggested they start a band together. Apparently Åkerfeldt does that all the time yet never actually goes through with it, but Edling took his word for it and immediately started writing songs with Åkerfeldt’s voice in mind. As it turned out, even though his Opeth buddy couldn’t commit to the project, the new material was so good Edling decided to see this project through with some more willing participants. Enter guitarist and former Candlemass fill-in Marcus Jidell, who in turn would convince his girlfriend Jennie-Ann Smith to try singing. The end result is a brilliant debut album that explores doom metal in a way Edling can’t do with Candlemass, broadening its reach into classic rock, psychedelic rock, and even pop. Smith’s persona works wonders, at times sounding as haunting and mysterious as Jex Thoth, but also capable of entrancing listeners with genuine soul rather than keeping them at an arm’s length. “Moonhorse”, “Boneflower”, and “Lady in the Lamp” all show incredible promise, and Edling is clearly relishing this new musical direction. His ongoing Candlemass gig might pay the bills, but it’s good to see him continuing to make vital music. This new band is a keeper. - http://youtu.be/GWuGTYiQs8U Female-fronted doom seems to be the thing this year, with a lot of bands looking back to the glory of Coven. But this is pure Black Sabbath for this age. If you were disappointed by "13", this might cheer you up. Wait a sec, can DOOM cheer up? WHo cares...
  20. Chris Ojeda, of the mighty Byzantine, has just released a tribute album dedicated to 9 of the baddest old school metal bands ever to grace Vinyl and Cassette. All songs covered on Black Cap Miners' "The Formative Years" were originally recorded between 1987 and 1991. Here's the tracklist: 1. Brainwashed (Nuclear Assault) 2. People of the Lie (Kreator) 3. The Conjuring (Megadeth) 4. Greenhouse Effect (Testament) 5. Alison Hell (Annihilator) 7. True Colors (MOD) 6. Climbin' the Walls (Wrathchild America) 8. Legions of Death (Exhorder) 9. World in a World (Vio-Lence) The whole thing's on Bandcamp http://blackcapminer.bandcamp.com/album/the-formative-years
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