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  1. :cheers: Happy 11th Anniversary, Crimsonmistymemory !! :cheers: Congrats on 11 years to a fellow hockey fan- the Bolts will get 'em next year! Cheers to your 11 years and to many more!
  2. :cheers: Happy 2nd anniversary, Stugotz !! :cheers: Cheers to your 2 years and many more! (And bring YYNOT up to PA sometime! ;) )
  3. :cheers: Happy 6th Anniversary, Mick !! :cheers: Congrats to the guy who coined one of my favorite phrases ever- Geddy "yodeling" on Clockwork Angels! (A perfect description !!). Cheers to your 6 years and many more to come!
  4. :cheers: Happy 4th Anniversary, toymaker !! :cheers: Cheers for four years with the guy who invented the phrase "Gear Acquisition Syndrome!" I'm glad you and your instruments are here on TRF with us- here's to many more years!
  5. :cheers: Happy 6th Anniversary, TM ! :cheers: Couldn't let the anniversary of the founder/writer/editor for the Yukon Blade Grinder go past! Cheers to your six years!
  6. :cheers: Happy Anniversaries to Lyndsey G, rugen, and Mad Bowl Hoo !! :cheers: Best wishes to Lyndsey on her TRF 7th anni; to rugen on his 8th; and to Mad Bowl Hoo on his 3rd !! It's great to have you here !!
  7. :cheers: Happy 12th Anniversaries, cygnify and ytserush !! :cheers: Best wishes to two guys with vast knowledge of Rush! Twelve years is awesome!
  8. :cheers: Happy 13th Anniversary, DPR, and Happy 12th Anniversary JARG and Presto-digitation !! :cheers: That's quite a TRF lineup, with an SOCN mainstay, a guitar player, and a guy with vast knowledge of bands I haven't even heard of ! Happy Anniversary to all- TRF is much the better for your presence !
  9. :cheers: Happy 12th Anniversary, Mithrandir !! :cheers: Cheers on 12 years with TRF !! I'm always happy to know another Penguin fan- best wishes!
  10. :cheers: Happy Anniversaries to bordercollie and Tony R !! :cheers: Best wishes on 12 years of TRF for bordercollie and 11 years for Tony R ! Cheers to many more years to come!
  11. :ebert: Happy 12th Anniversary, edhunter! :ebert: Best wishes to another one of our long term TRFers !! Here's to 12 years and many more!
  12. :cheers: Happy 13th Anniversary, Ron2112 !! :cheers: Cheers to your 13 years on TRF and to many to come!
  13. :cheers: Happy 11th Anniversary, rocket ignites !! :cheers: Eleven years is awesome- cheers !!
  14. :cheers: Happy 7th Anniversary, grey !! :cheers: Cheers and prosit ! Best wishes on 7 years to an expert on European metal and prog and one of the awesome guys on TRF !! (now we just need Rush to go on the road again so you can come over!!) http://i.imgur.com/QECilkym.jpg
  15. :cheers: Happy 11th Anniversaries, LeaveMyThingAlone and metaldad !! :cheers: 11 years of membership for each of you is quite an accomplishment- Congrats !!
  16. :cheers: Happy 8th Anniversary, Todem !! :cheers: Cheers to many more years to come at TRF !!
  17. :cheers: Happy 10th Anniversary, JohnRogers! :cheers: Ten years is awesome- best wishes to TRF's muscle car and Zelix expert!! Here's to many more to come!
  18. :ebert: :ebert: Happy 2nd Anniversary, Permanent-Rush !! :ebert: :ebert: Best wishes to a devoted Neil fan and an expert on 90's bands! Cheers to more years to come! Shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand new shirt and celebrate!
  19. :cheers: Happy 5th Anniversaries yyzjam and Boogieman2 !! :cheers: I apologize, these were 2 anniversaries from yesterday. Best Wishes to two loyal TRF members who have each been here 5 years !! Cheers to many more years to come!
  20. :cheers: Happy 10th Anniversary, Ozzy 85 !! :cheers: Ten years is a milestone and TRF is lucky to have you! Best wishes!
  21. :cheers: Happy 7th Anniversary, Citizen of the World!! :cheers: Cheers to 7 years and many more enjoying TRF and Monty Python! I've arranged a celebration with Crunchy Frogs and maybe a Spring Surprise! ;)
  22. :cheers: Happy 8th Anniversary, Turbine Freight !! :cheers: Sending best wishes across the pond- cheers to your 8 years! (and your Fly By Night fandom! I'm always happy to see another FBNer :) )
  23. :cheers: Happy 6th Anniversary, Slack jaw gaze! :cheers: Cheers to your six years on TRF !!
  24. :cheers: Happy 6th anniversary, stoopid !! :cheers: Best wishes for 6 years and many more to come !!
  25. :cheers: Happy 3rd Anniversary, Geddy Jazz !! :cheers: Cheers to your 3 years on TRF and many more to come!
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