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  1. :ebert: Happy 8th Anniversary, pjbear05! :ebert: Happy, happy anniversary to a great guy that is always reading interesting books! Cheers to your 8 years!
  2. :ebert: Happy 7th Anniversary, jamie !! :ebert: Cheers to your seven years and here's to many more! It's always nice to have you here!
  3. Happy, happy 10th anniversary, Principled Man! We are lucky to have you and your astronomy insights here! ( Plus, who doesn't like a Badger fan?) Cheers to your ten years and to many more!!
  4. Happy 5th Anniversary, Leanne! It's great to have you here! Cheers to your 5 years!
  5. Happy 14th Anniversary to Stormtron and Happy 12th Anniversary to Mara! Cheers to both of you and your TRF years! I'm so glad both of you are here!
  6. Happy, happy 15th Anniversary, ORF !! Cheers to your 15 years- that's really an accomplishment! (Though we are the same age and surely we were not old 15 years ago, lol !) I'm glad you are here- here's to another 15 to come!
  7. :cheers: Happy 7th Anniversary, custom55 !! :cheers: Cheers to your 7 years and your awesome musical knowledge! Here's to you and many more!
  8. :cheers: Happy 11th Anniversary, RushFanForever! :cheers: Cheers to TRF's expert in all things Canadian and Music involved! 11 years is noteworthy!
  9. :cheers: Happy 9th Anniversary, Chicken hawk !! :cheers: It's good to have you here! Cheers to your 9 years!
  10. :cheers: Happy 5th Anniversary, Laura bw! :cheers: Cheers to your 5 years of being on TRF and going to awesome book signings! Here's to many more!
  11. :ebert: Happy 9th Anniversary, Rhyta !! :ebert: I always enjoy seeing your posts and chatting with another hockey fan and Utes fan! Cheers to your 9 years !!
  12. :cheers: Happy 10th Anniversary, Mr. Not! :cheers: Cheers to your 10 years, and here's to many more! I can't believe we still haven't ever seen a photo of you!
  13. :cheers: Happy 10th Anniversary, Fordgalaxy !! :cheers: Cheers to your 10 years of wry comments- keep them coming! Here's to many more years!
  14. :cheers: Happy 13th Anniversary, Rushman14! :cheers: Cheers to a great guy who is representing for TRF on the west coast! Congrats on your 13 years and here's to many more !!
  15. :ebert: Happy, happy 7th Anniversary, Lorraine !! :ebert: Happy anniversary to someone who is really the caring center of TRF. It's great to have you here! We care for you and support you!
  16. :cheers: Happy 14th Anniversary, Ken !! :cheers: Wow, that's impressive! Cheers to your 14 years and I hope you enjoyed the NASCAR final race!
  17. :cheers: Happy 11th Anniversary, Tinwoodsman! :cheers: Cheers to one of the great guys on TRF and to someone who is always listening to interesting music! Here's to 11 years and many more!
  18. :cheers: Happy 15th Anniversary, Syrinx !! :cheers: Wow! That's quite a record! Cheers to your fifteen years !! :ebert:
  19. :cheers: Happy 9th Anniversary, Babycat !! :cheers: Cheers to your purrfect nine years on TRF and here's to many more!
  20. :cheers: Happy 9th anniversary, Principled Man !! :cheers: Cheers to your nine years of being a voice for science and sanity on TRF !! Here's to many more !! (And I can't believe Jordan Lyles is pitching well for your Brewers! ;) )
  21. :cheers: Happy 13th Anniversary, goose !! :cheers: Cheers to one of the great guys here on TRF! I always enjoy hearing about your adventures throughout the west. Here's to 13 years and many more!!
  22. :cheers: Happy 5th anniversary, fraroc! :cheers: Cheers to your five years! I enjoyed your recent question about Geddy's bass tones!
  23. :ebert: Happy 14th Anniversary, JohnnyBlaze !! :ebert: Best wishes to a guy who makes me laugh a lot! Cheers to your 14 years and many more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-0l94euRcY
  24. :cheers: Happy 12th Anniversary, CMM !! :cheers: Cheers to your 12 years, your Tampa Bay Bolts and your awesome presence in the NHL thread! Only 112 days until the puck drops again!
  25. :ebert: Happy 4th Anniversary, Leanne! :ebert: Cheers- it's been great having you here!
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