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Found 1 result

  1. This is a clip from an interview with Geddy on Rush as a band and touring in the future 11.14.13 Toronto CA Great White North Newspaper. Toronto Edition. Interview Geddy Lee Interviewer: Beatonto Seamaso In a statement during an interview with GWN Newspaper reporter Beatonto Seamaso, Geddy Lee was asked his plans for recording and touring in 2014. GL: I don’t see an album in the works anytime soon and a doubt the band (Rush) will tour at all in 2014, or 2015 BS: What about solo plans? GL: I don’t have any solo plans at this time, but I have been approached by Marky Ramone about becoming the lead singer for the Ramones on a 2014 Reunion tour. That could be interesting BS: The Ramones, do you even know any of their songs? GL: Yes, I’ve always liked their tunes, R&R HS, the KKK Took My Baby Away, and Lobotomy. The band as a whole had a great deal of depth to their song writing, eh. A depth Rush could only dream about. BS: Are you rehashing any tunes with Marky at this time? GL: Yes, he’s been to my place here in Toronto several times to work out a few songs, we’ve asked Alex to play guitar with us, but he just can’t keep up with the manic pace of the song…..so Marky asked him to leave. BS: What about Neil? GL: What about Neil? He’s off in CA somewhere breaking the speed limits in his new Aston Martin, he doesn’t answer his cell anymore. BS: So it’s just you and Marky right now? GL: Yes, for now. Once I get the tunes worked out I’ll spend a month or two in NY to work the kinks out of the songs with the other guys. I only hope that I sound as good as Joey did….those are some big vocal shoes to fill. The long shaggy hair cut should be no prop…but that voice and stage mannerisms will be tough. BS: Will this be a permanent gig between Rush tours. GL: No, this could be a permanent gig in place of the Rush tour BS: What, why…can you elaborate for our readers? GL: Sure, Rush as a band has been hitting the tour road for 40 years, these last few years have been great…we released a great album (Clockwork Angels) but I’m really getting tired of these so called “fan-boys” trashing every performance we do. “I can’t sing, Alex missed a note…Neil dropped a stick” It’s the same shit every time. I’d like to see them (fan-boys) take on a year long tour and sound as good. Alex, Neil and I were hoping that the orchestra would play too load so you couldn’t hear our mistakes…but that didn’t happen, as for Neil dropping a stick…f**k! who hasn’t dropped a fork in a restaurant? BS: Thanks for your time Geddy. GL: No problem…its Mr. Lee to you.
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