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Found 12 results

  1. Ah, another poll with REO in it, another poll where I'll watch the vast majority of people vote against them while I ponder their underappreciatedness! It's almost nostalgic at this point.
  2. More Elton and more Muse! You know my votes, but how will you respond? Is one of Muse's best albums better than possibly Elton's most underrated??
  3. For those wondering why so many Hall And Oates albums keep showing up: they all come from the records my mom used to own. For those wondering why so many Elton John albums keep showing up: I love Elton. :P
  4. Two pretty good albums from two great artists! Who've you got?
  5. We're writing songs for the radio in the mid seventies, and not producing our best album covers.
  6. I don't have anything interesting to say here. I'll let Rush Fan Forever come up with some unique connection between these two if he wants.
  7. Some classic tracks famous for a their stuttering vocals. Who shall be victorious?
  8. Deep in the 70s here. I'm gonna actually give Grand Funk's album my vote here. HC isn't my favorite Elton album by a long shot, though it does have some of my favorite songs of his (Rocket Man, Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters). Also my record of it skips a lot, lol. That Grand Funk Live Album is all killer no filler. However, from an artist perspective Elton means at least 10 times more to me.
  9. At long last the completely nonsensical matchup this generator was supposed to give me from the start (though Hall And Oates vs. Frank Zappa was also pretty zany)! Will you go for the Rocket Man or the Third Man? I'm splitting my ticket here. Elton John is one of my favorite singers of all time, but DSMIOTPP isn't one of my favorites of his. Some great stuff for sure, but never the one I really come back to. Jack White on the other hand sometimes thrills me, though often is only just good enough to stay on my radar. Boarding House Reach is an example of him knocking me right out of the park, and was one of my favorite albums of that year.
  10. Apparently this is the new Christmas ad for the British store chain John Lewis. I found it very touching; I wish more ads were like this- I would watch them all day! http://youtu.be/mNbSgMEZ_Tw
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