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Found 4 results

  1. Between yesterday and today I was playing some BOC, I'm actually trying to get back into the band, and it came to my mind that whenever a "Best guitarist" pool comes out, Roeser is never there with the usual gods. I mean, for all I hear, he can play a mean lead guitar and has a great sense of melody. Maybe his tone is a little "old", but that goes for a lot. So, what do you think? Is he just underrated, or is he just flash?
  2. For me it's just a top 4 and this is it: 1. Fire of Unknown Origin 2. Secret Treaties 3. Cultosaurus Erectus 4. Club Ninja BOC albums I really don't like: Agents of Fortune - I hate every song apart from one, it's like an album of outtakes. And even the one I like, Don't Fear the Reaper, has been ruined by that SNL sketch, now all I hear is that cowbell all the way through... Spectres - I like Godzilla but the rest is trash! Tyranny and Mutation - I've tried to get into this album but it always sounds like average rock n' roll fare to me. The rest of the albums are either a big MEH or they're just ok.
  3. There are a few BÖC fans around here, and it's no secret they've been one of my all-time faves since I was a wee lad. What are your top tracks? 1. The Vigil 2. Astronomy 3. (Don't Fear) The Reaper The presence of these in my top three is immutable, though their sequence is not. 4. Subhuman 5. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) 6. Tattoo Vampire 7. Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver 8. Veteran of the Psychic Wars 9. Tenderloin I totally hated Tenderloin in my teens and 20s, at least. 10. The Revenge of Vera Gemini Harvest Moon, Black Blade, and Take Me Away nearly made the cut.
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