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  1. So my laptop is running Vista. Everything in Microsoft Office is the 2003 version. As you can imagine upgrading anything has become a chore or impossible.My wife and I have iPads for web surfing, email and all the useful fun apps we enjoy. We're looking to ditch the old desk tops but feel we need full size keyboards and PC capabilities in a laptop. She edits images and some day I may do video editing again. My current laptop OS: Vista Processor: Intel Centrino 2 RAM: 4.0GB What should I be looking for? I don't want to over spend for capabilities we won't need. Thanks in advance for any useful advice.
  2. I sat upon porcelain pondering the masterpiece Moving Pictures which includes the five star song Limelight. Would you give that song up for a more normal interactive Neil Peart?
  3. The women warriors of Ukraine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZP7AZMQOzk
  4. Candle lit, wine poured, HGTV type renovation program on the OLED, on the screen a family at a fire-pit making s'mores. Denise: We should make s'mores. John: I don't like s'mores. Denise: What, you don't like s'mores? That's crazy. Who doesn't like s'mores? John: I'm not into marshmallows. I've never liked marshmallows except the small ones you get in Lucky Charms. (first mention of Lucky Charms since 1988) Denise: We're making s'mores, you'll like them. End Scene This morning first time ever on my Fakebook "page". Alexa?
  5. Okay, this morning I thought I heard on the radio that the New York Times is buying Wordle. I didn't pay much attention the Times is garbage. Now all fracking day on Fakebook it appears everyone I know is doing Wordle and posting scores? WTF? Why? Do you people Wordle? Do you Wordle with your spouse or Wordle alone? Is it safe to Wordle on a Zoom call?
  6. Baker Mayfield or something? I stopped watching NFL football a few years ago, not several years ago. I stopped listening to sports radio as well. I knew TB12 was still a thing because I do watch the Super Bowl. Ever have a band you know release an album with a line-up change that made you go WTF? Film franchise release a sequel with some unrecognizable dude playing the lead? A sporting ride that was RWD with a V8 that shows up next year as a FWD four-banger? Chime in...
  7. Worst song of the 70's. I've never heard it until this young year. I have had the displeasure of experiencing it twice in 72 hours. This is run on an endless loop torture at a CIA black-site. Once You Understand by Think. Know a worse 70's song? Name it. Listen if you dare... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haCqD9Ps0co
  8. I'M SO DONE WITH THE DOWN TEMPO FAD. OVER IT, BRAH. This isn't hate for Anya Taylor-Joy, she's super talented and shagalicious. I still think Last Night in SoHo might be a fun film. Taylor caught my ire 'cause I'm feed up with this down tempo BORING SHIT fad. MAKE UP TEMPO GREAT AGAIN? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv5nd-3BRr4 VS.
  9. I know there is a connection with these two threads, I feel it in my bones. I just don't know how exactly they are related. My father often said I wasn't the brightest screwdriver in the bread-basket. So I thought I'd ask you all, what is the connection?
  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/facebook-down-instagram-whatsapp-today-b1932059.html WHAT AM I TO DO???
  11. Elon Musk has launched you into space. You're heading to Mars via a one-man space craft. The journey takes six months. On day three your trusty space craft, Pegasus, suffers a catastrophic failure. To stay alive you must dump massive amounts of data. Adding insult to injury only two of your play lists survived the equipment breakdown but one must be deleted. Are you keeping Bon Iver or Bon Jovi. Which band gets jettison out the metaphorical airlock?
  12. Every time I listen to Back On My Feet Again by The Babys. I'm singing along and doing the shimmy with my shoulders. Greatest rock song ever? Yes! Feel free to heap praise in the comments below.
  13. Labor Day Weekend is usually spent down the shore. With my wife and I engaging in like 72 hours of day drinking at my sister-in-law's favorite tiki-bar and night boozing at her back yard patio. Planing when to leave and return is always some discussion of Parkway shore traffic. While always fun we're looking to boozing less and doing something different this year. I'm always wanting a road trip. I've decided on a road trip doing some US 1 along the Maine coast in the 1999 Trans Am. The 1978 Dodge just finished the long slog for Detroit's Woodward Dream Cruise. I'll post my ideas here and take into consideration your expert advice. First question, is Boston, Kennebunkport, Portland, just going to be an over crowded mess that weekend?
  14. They eat beef but not lamb. They eat chicken but not duck, same for the eggs. WTF, brah?
  15. While at a car show there was a DJ with deeper cuts than just doo-wop standards. He caused me to mistake for a moment Make Your Own Kind of Music by Cass Elliot for something by Petula Clark. Like a B-side to Downtown. So, with that in mind suggest for me some good stuff like those two songs. Thanks in advance.
  16. Name one song that describes your current musical flavor. The song that depicts your favorite genre. A song not from RUSH. Want to understand my favorite type of music for the last decade or more? Hammer to Fall by Queen. That’s the type of shit I’m into. Recommendations for me?
  17. I could be misremembering or have my mind clouded with alternative facts. It seems a bit of an echo-chamber formed in Random Samples and then some folks decided to push back offer an opposing viewpoint. Long standing written and unwritten rules were tossed bringing us to where we are today, with some folks rightly annoyed. The slumlord boss-man of TRF is busy tending to RL responsibilities. I know he is in fact fine, he's taking care of others but it's not my story to tell. In the mean time the rats we got out of line. Our self policing has failed. How did this happen? You know who you are we are. No need for finger pointing or navel gazing. How about we just call a truce. Rise above and be better people? In the future how about we call people out for violating the no politics rule, throw a BS flag if you will? Not engage in the pissing contest debate. Also report violations using the button. I'm interested in ideas to fix this, so what say you?
  18. I heard twisters rolled through Tupelo last night. It got me thinking about that childhood shack of Elvis'. I think we can safely say The Beatles will always be something. What aboot Elvis Presley, will he be remembered like almost forever, like The Beatles and Frank Sinatra or will The King eventually become an obscure footnote?
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