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    Chicago, IL

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    Vital Signs
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    Caress of Steel
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    First Rush show ever, NYC, Radio City Music Hall, late September 1982, Signals Tour. We had 14th row dead center, when the opening riff of Spirit of Radio began we sprinted to the stage. We were so close the sound of the drums were actually coming directly from Neil's kit. I've never heard drums with such incredible tone, clarity and power. 2nd was being high as a kite when they played vital signs :-).
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    Phish, The Meters, Zep,The Police, and all the other classics.
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    Drums & Bass
  1. The postponed Wednesday, July 7 performance at Charter One Pavilion has been rescheduled to MONDAY, AUGUST 23. NEW DATE - AUGUST 23 CHARTER ONE PAVILION / CHICAGO, IL Doors 6:30 pm / Show 7:30 pm Source: rush.com http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/rush/...te/447484455478
  2. Jethro Tull, Stormwatch Tour 1979, MSG, NYC. We were innocent kids...soon to be corrupted! The guys in front of us had a bong about a foot tall, and were swigging from a liter of Jack Daniels. Man how times have changed, you can barely bring a stick of gum into a concert nowadays. I remember when the lights came on for intermission, you could barely see the other side of MSG due to the marijuana/cigarette fog that had settled in.
  3. Yeah the night was kind of a bummer. Most people got absolutely soaked, it was as though I had jumped into a pool, I kid you not, soaked to the bone. I had 11the row, a couple beers in me, and had committed to being drenched, and I was seriously ready to jam! Hope they reschedule, I've never been to the venue before, it's tiny, which I like and a nice redo on a cool fall evening will probably suffice!
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