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  1. I've tried and tried and tried, but I can't get into CoS. I think I'm done trying! I DID putin FbN for the first time in a while last week, and liked it a whole lot more than I remembered. I also think AFtK is... pretty damn boring. After finally figuring out how to write a good epic song on 2112, they forgot how again for the next album. Hemispheres more than makes up for it though! T4E & S&A - can't get into these because the lyrics ruin the otherwise good songwriting. I can tune out semi-cheesy lyrics, but I can't tune out completely embarassing lyrics!
  2. This is a stretch, but what if they do this: Have some sort of drum-focused part on the new album (think like Didacts & Narpets) that, when played live, is turned into a full-on drum solo. Then Alex comes out and plays this acoustic thing, which is either a straight-up acoustic number (like Resist on the VT tour) or just an extended acoustic intro to a song. I'm still basing this on my assumption that they're going to play the whole new album live on the next tour.
  3. These are small venues? The Camden show was the same venue they've played at every time they come around (in the summer at least) since the T4E tour.
  4. QUOTE (moedrabowsky @ Jul 23 2010, 10:11 AM) QUOTE (Jomboni @ Jul 22 2010, 10:07 PM) FYI - Venues typically take 50% of merch revenue, so half of that $40 for a shirt is gone, as far as the band is concerned. Not that they couldn't still bring the price down a bit... The shirts are also $40 at the Rush backstage club, sao they aren't jacked up just to cover the venue's take. Do you have a link or source for that? I'm just curious, because 50 percent sounds like an awfully high figure for a venue to receive on licensed merchandise. All I have is anecdotal evidence from several bands, and one experience opening for a fairly large touring band. Their merch guys told us to lie about the # of shirts & cds we sold, because the venue takes a 50% cut.
  5. Except for Faithless, I absolutely loved the set live. I was on the fence about a few other songs, but they won me over!
  6. Apparently there are official "bootleg" shirt sellers walking around, INSIDE the venue, selling the RASH shirts. I didn't come across any at the Camden show but I know they are out there!
  7. FYI - Venues typically take 50% of merch revenue, so half of that $40 for a shirt is gone, as far as the band is concerned. Not that they couldn't still bring the price down a bit...
  8. I was really looking forward to hearing this song live, but yeah, it ended up being a total clunker Kind of sucked the momentum out of the first set. I was even into the 3 songs leading up to it (I wasn't sure how well they'd work live) but Faithless finally had my whole section sitting down... we all got right back up for the next song though!
  9. Yeah, I noticed that too! It's nice to know that they really are human!
  10. I'll be there!!! Crappy seats but at least I won't get wet! And guys... really, the area of Camden that the venue is in it NOT all that bad. Obviously lock your car, but you'd do that anywhere, right? Relax!
  11. Kind of bummed I could not obtain any before tonight's show. Then again, it IS in Camden so maybe they sell it at the concession stands.
  12. Jomboni


    I've got all the studio albums from Rush through Presto, as well as All the Worlds a Stage & Exit Stage Left.
  13. I don't think there are going to be any epic songs. We already know there are gonna be 12 songs... and they're probably going to keep the album to roughly an hour so that they can play it start to finish for one of the sets on next year's tour (my speculation there)
  14. VT tour in Holmdel, NJ, we were in something like the 6th row.
  15. A local cd store had used copies of Fly By Night, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, and Moving Pictures, which I bought for a total of $10. I loved the singles I heard on the radio, and pretty much only listened to those songs when I bought the cds. Until one day I let Permanent Waves play all the way through, and Natural Science came on, and my brain melted.
  16. Yeah this is probably my favorite live album by them... just skip over Nobody's Hero and you'll be fine
  17. I didn't do this with all the songs, but on the ones that have had "tempo issues" on recent tours, I compared the bootleg from opening night to the studio versions. YYZ and Limelight's length are both like... 2-3 seconds longer in the live versions, so I think the tempos are pretty on point with the album versions. Same goes for the rest of the set (which I won't list, in case you're trying to avoid it.) Tempos are pretty on for the whole show! BU2B started off a little slow but picked up by the chorus.
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