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  • Birthday 08/08/1959

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    Music, Sports, (Yankees/49ers and Flyers) All things Trailer Park Boys, Reading, DVDS/Movies, Cats, Being a better DJ, and MUSIC... Did I mention that already??!

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  • Number of Rush Concerts Attended
  • Last Rush Concert Attended
    August 2004 (3 in two weeks on the 30TH Tour!)
  • Favorite Rush Song
    Natural Science
  • Favorite Rush Album
    Roll The Bones or Hemispheres
  • Best Rush Experience
    Meeting Ged, getting a gold record for the T4E disc, way too many great experiences involved w/Rush, dating all the way back to 1976... Yeah Baby, I'm an OLD SKOOL fan... ALSO, finding out about The Trailer Park Boys because of Big Al's guest spot in season three....
  • Other Favorite Bands
    The Beatles, Tool, Slayer, Helmet, Foo Fighters, Probot, Aerosmith, Me First and The Gimme-Gimme's, Plain White T's, Pink Floyd, SRV, Dream Theater, The Ramones, ELO, Blotto, Aliza'a Mizery
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    Frustrated Drummer, with no aspirations of trying to be Neil what-so-ever!
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