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  1. It is what it is indeed. A band that I have been following since 1977 is suddenly in the limelight more than ever before. I never liked pop music, pop culture, or pop anything. Now Rush, by their very inclusion into the pop music hall of fame, have become un-cool in my book because now they crossed-over into the ranks of "popular." I am happy that they are being recognized, but I believe they are being recognized for all the wrong reasons. IMO - they have lost their coolness. Time to increase my Marillion fanatacism.
  2. Miss the Least - Freewill Miss the Most - Limelight
  3. Should have mentioned that the "foursome" was a golf thing....lol...that is funny. http://eaglesridgegolfclub.com/?page_id=360
  4. Perhaps they should place Nobody's Hero into the set. I sat next to Antonio Banderas in a small cafe in NYC once - never bothered him nor gave him any sort of recognition. I simply read the Daily...... I was in a foursome behind Alice Cooper when he was in town for a County Fair concert a few yars ago. Never took a pic and never asked for an autograph. Some of the comments around here regardingt meeting "The Boys" really frighten me.
  5. I would love to see a show out there. A friend of mine lives in CO and he tells me that Red Rocks is da place!
  6. Witnessed the Maiden England show up in Buffalo....AWESOME is all I can say abut it. I would put this show ahead of Rush if their (Maiden) sound was better. It was pretty bad..... but they certainly know how to put on a show!
  7. I really do hope it was not a hoax - that would really stink. Furthermore, I do hope that in some way this wrong is righted. I personally would probably not spend more than 2 hrs. being ticked. I do not idolize people to the point that I get bent out of shape being denied 15 seconds with the "famous." These guys are human just like any one of us...they just happen to play music pretty well. Sorry....
  8. I understand that position....was more of a look and see sort of thing. Given that so many love tweeking setlists, here is a setlist challenge so to speak.
  9. Yeah....that would be a nightmare...I can se the majority of the fans in the stands going WTF????????
  10. I would like to see someone with creative energy take the current lists (A & B ) and arrange a show that has the CA material sprinkled throughout as opposed to thrown back-to-back to start 2nd set. Some interesting results may appear.....
  11. Yeah...being upset and getting justice is one thing...going on a childish rant over and over and over is another. Hard to feel sorry for someone for long when one is overloaded with it...know what I mean? Time to be adult-like and get what is deserving. Although I am thinking that this was a scam right from the beginning...you may have been duped.
  12. Sorry...but going from M&G down to a signed tourbook is not an acceptable gesture in "making good." RUSH is still my ultimate band, but how their people and associates treat the fans (VIP Packages as an example of poor quality, fly by M&G's) is really a shame. Sorry....but just an opinion from a fan.
  13. Dear Lord, Please do not allow the band to even consider playing "Tears." Thank you, Me
  14. Those two songs placed into a set list just might make the suicide rate rise in each city they are played. :no:
  15. I thought it was a good read. I am glad that everyone does not fall all over Rush - that would be creepy. Calling the writer names is rather chilish though.
  16. Finally received the rest of my stuff (attended 9/11 show - received swag 11/21). Nice pill box...shirt ok...poster will be framed with the front row tix and pics of Alex, Geddy, and Neil. Tote will be used for...well wife will have to deal with that one.
  17. Or ignore them and focus on your own enjoyment! That is what I do and I do not even know what is going on around me. People are too caught up on what other people are or are not doing. Focus and enjoy!
  18. Yeah....they don't get in the way too much at all. I like when they are there cos Alex hams it up for them and it allows the rest of us to get an interesting shot or two.
  19. I also had the pleasure of taking in the Roger Water's show. We had seats center arena 5 rows up. Clear and unobstructed view of stage. No yelling at people and the other antics that people pull. The last time I witnessed a fan yelling at another fan for holding up a sign did not turn out too good. I think they still might be trying to remove parts of that sign from the complainer. Always someoene bigger and badder out there...
  20. I am going to assume that most of the comments are directed towards "life on the floor." To be honest, at this point in the game, the majority of us know what is to be expected when standing down there. It is not going away, and as one poster indicated, as long as Neil "rewards" interesting verbage with swag, then the motivation for continuance is there. Plain and simple. The best remedy is to take up positions (inside venues that is) along the sides and a little higher up. Still a great view and chances are that no one will disrupt your experience. I wonder what the topic of the next whine thread will be.....
  21. This describes just about everybody that was sitting around me at the Cleveland show or just the audience overall, for the most part. Ive been to a lot of Rush shows, 18 I believe, and this is pretty much every Rush show ive ever been to since Power Windows. Rush isnt exactly an emotional or very energetic band, so they dont really drag that energy out of their audiences. It's mostly people just standing around. Sometimes someone gets ambitious and will do some air drumming. -____- Another band I love as much as Rush but for entirely different reasons is Live. Their energy was just insane, the exact opposite of Rush. Going to their shows was an amazing experience and I still believe they were a MUCH better live band than Rush ever was due to their raw energy and tension in their songs that Rush never had, and the audience really feeds off that so at Live shows everyone was really into. Ed is a much more dynamic frontman than Geddy. Look at these people. Having a great time when they go into the high energy choruses. When they go into the last chorus around 3:53 that place is blowin up. Of course Rush are better players and their songs are more complex, but its just more fun going to Live shows. Or was anyway, they broke up recently. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH03SJjed-k&t=3m53s Now THAT is a rock concert! Excellent post that is spot on!
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