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    I am a younger Rush fan thus not being old enough to go to the Test for Echo tour...and of course I really wanna see the whole thing live...but with the age and with Geddy's voice not getting any higher....does anybody think that the Test for Echo tour was the last time the full thing will ever be played live? Of course I would ask about either Cygnus Books but i think that might be stretchin it for the guys
  2. So...lets say for the atl show...i just get on day of the show on ticketmaster and see if i can upgrade seats without payin out the butt on stub hub
  3. Hey does anybody know if they played Tom Sawyer at normal pace or is it still slower....same for some of the other MP songs?
  4. I am in the group of people who are fine and excited about the setlist, but I am curious if any of you "in the know people" have info or have heard why Jacob's Ladder was removed from the setlist, or whether it's just being held for the 2011 tour. I am curious to know if they rehearsed it and it didn't work out, if they didn't have enough time to get it ready, or really the reason because I truly believe half the people complaining about the setlist would shut up if after the last song of the first set they played JL. I am just curious so if you have a clue and don't mind sharing just post it here please.
  5. Hey Guys this is pointless...the entire setlist just got posted on Rush.com...so goodnight
  6. well u guys that r hating this...don't mind the guys asking for great atlanta tickets...just give them to me....btw no jacobs ladder
  8. Hey on RIAB they have posted the soundcheck songs....Presto, Faithless, and a part of CTTH....sounds like the rehearsal setlist is right
  9. and sorry i suck at the quoting thing....lol
  10. Well from what I can see this is probably all songs we will hear...but the order may be different and maybe add 2 more songs....i think that we are missing JL because I truly believe people like Score Out and he did mention something about JL bein in there....and i think MalNar is the beginning of the drum solo...so thats 28 songs and a different order....and don't forget there could be alternates
  11. Where's Score Out when you need him...oh wait...you guys ran him away.....
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