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  1. After listening to it a couple more times, I think the only part that is a little off is the transition from the opening to the first verses, after that it all fits pretty nicely and the guys totally jam.
  2. There is some great stuff in that song. I truly love it already. However, I do feel it is noticeable that the music was written before hand and then complex and lengthy lyrics were added. But overall, gotta love the time sig changes, had some old Rush feel in there, AND BOY DOES GEDDY WAIL in a few spots, I will be interested to see if he can pull that off every night
  3. QUOTE (metaldad @ Apr 11 2012, 12:58 PM) So no truth to the rumor that Neil is playing the spoon's on BU2B2 ? My college professor is in the middle of a lecture and I just burst out laughing because of this.....the awkward moment was definitely worth it ITS A RUSH TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!
  4. worthog

    The UK Fan Pack

    And apparently other places will have it too according to this: http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/news/classic-...s-album-fanpack
  5. worthog

    The UK Fan Pack

    I am not completely sure, but it looks like us folks in the US can also buy the Fan Pack....does anybody know if we actually can for sure? http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/clas...name=0&ns_fee=0 I WANT THE ALBUM ASAP!!!!
  6. so i guess we all lost......oh well...still love ....maybe not musicians friend though
  7. all i ask is that whoever wins it, appreciates it as much as i would, my dad would, and everybody on this forum would....our luck a half hearted fan will win....either way i hope someone on here or RIAB wins
  8. It has been hush hush on the forums about this for a while but I am still wondering what they mean by a very special night in Los Angeles...any updates or inside knowledge
  9. Holy Crap...you lucky people got the best ending to workin man ever...cygnus ending...LUCKY BASTARDS...why didn't they do that last leg in Atlanta
  10. maybe they do the show, but record clockwork angels as a live album....but most likely it is the filming
  11. Superconductor was mentioned because of the guy who produced the music video or something like that......and that word was sentence....2112 was mentioned in a list of concept albums
  12. I'm taking the History of Rock class and Rush is not included in the book or talked about except the mentioning of 2112 and Superconductor but they were not the subject of the snetce just examples. I was wondering what others might think about this. Besides opinion, I want to see what kind of logical arguement anybody could present about their influence in rock music as to why/why not they should be taught in the course. Is it bias by my proffessor, or are they really not that influential. (keep in mind I would probably teach a class called the History of Rush if I could one day, but I am really curious to see if anybody think I have merit to present a logical arguement to the professor to get them a bigger part in the book)
  13. Okay, can anybody tell me what the main chord progression is for Spirit of Radio, need to know for a presentation I am making about the song for my History of Rock class.
  14. Studio Version of Working Man is my best one to run/jog to...that beat is just perfect to keep me on rhythm
  15. worthog

    yearbook quote?

    Used one as my senior quote last year. I think it was from Turn The Page. Everybody I asked thought it was good. If you look at the lyrics it's very obvious which lines it is.
  16. Last night in Atlanta Geddy's voice was great....I thought the Spirit of Radio was pretty good, Time Stand Still was a little struggle but really only when he sang "Im not looking back but I want to look around me now"....the rest of the night there were like slight little things that were off but nothing that I don't hear at any live performances....BUT..I was incredibly impressed because he hit all of the tough notes starting about half way thorugh thw first set....I never thought i'd hear geddy hit those notes but man he SOUNDED GOOD...and how about Closer To The Heart...THAT WAS PHENOMINAL
  17. Thank You guys for the response and I am still looking for that ticket
  18. I have a bud that I am buying a ticket for to see the show before he leaves for the Navy so if anybody has an extra ticket or two that are good seats and somewhat reasonable for a college kid to buy let me know. Thanks Forum!
  19. Well if anybody has 2-4 good tickets to the Atlanta show and doesn't want to rip off a poor college kid who wants to surprise his dad and friends with upgraded tickets not in the way back......just let me know
  20. "what was that joke geddy told me the other day...oh yea....what did the five fingers say to the bass?......SLAP" Slappin da bass man
  21. "what was that joke geddy told me the other day...oh yea....what did the five fingers say to the bass?......SLAP" Slappin da bass man
  22. Idk about you guys....but I was disctracted by how he can just pick the bass up at any time and play anything....reminds me of the alex rant on R30 where he asked geddy if he could play something
  23. "Yea I'll show Dirk, Subdivisions aint that hard to play, wait....what song are we on" "I wonder why they gave me a full keyboard. I know, Ged knows, Neils know, heck the crowd knows I don't give a crap about keyboards...stupid documentary" "Maybe I should have layed up on hole 18 yesterday and just hit a short iron to the green....oh well....looks like im stuck playing this again...you know how ill pay them back for this...I'll screw up the part after "and the meek shall inherit the earth" on 2112 in Seattle...yea....thats right"
  24. Well what I think would be awesome is instead of a final tour or epics tour they should end it all with Rush Fest....a 2 week festival where every night (except sundays for rest) Rush goes out and plays different songs or entire albums....not repeating any songs any night.....each night would be about 1 1/2 of music with a 20 min break in between 45 minute sets....the time leading up before can be filled with any number of Rush events or even tribute bands...i mean the things possible are endless...idk...i think it would be awesome
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