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    wargamer,painting miniature figures

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    NEC birmingham 22/05/11
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    Losing It(it is difficult to choose)
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    moving pictures and others
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    the last live gig still fresh in the memory
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    gillan,ozzy,dio,linkin park,
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  1. We have just seen Rush at LG Arena in Birmingham in the UK and we thought the lads were superb. The setlist was great and Clockwork Angels worked really well with the live strings. Perhaps they need to go back to "soup".
  2. i am happy and pleased to just be able to see my favourite band live,what ever songs they play. I am a hardcore fan but do not own any bobble heads I do have songs that I would like to hear live but if they don't its not the end of the world.
  3. thanks guys but each dvd(R30 and TMT) both have the same symbols on and R30 plays but not TMT
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year I have been bought the The Time Machine tour dvd for Christmas and I cannot get the dvd to play in 5.1 surround sound! Tried messing with settings on player but to no avail. other Rush dvd's like R30 play in 5.1 no problem after I have selected 5.1 sound! I have tried it in the computer and it seems to only want to play sound in stereo.Only stereo is recognized(no sound at all if 3/2.1 dts is selected) both in the pc and the dvd players! Any suggestions? thanks
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