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  1. respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate
  2. While a vast majority WILL disagree with me (if not all of you), I believe that RUSH has always been a progressive rock band with many elements of other genres interlaced with the music. I say this because they could always seem to deviate from the popular music or genre they are thought as being and make it more intricate so it stands out from that particular genre. Thats just me though...
  3. QUOTE (kbomb106 @ Nov 16 2010, 03:31 PM) I've never heard of this problem. My copy has it. Odd. Could you go into details for me? What is the reference number? What color is the lable around the hole in the disc? That kind of stuff. Thank you!
  4. For awhile now, I have been looking places to find the laserdisc of "a show of hands" just to get the song Lock and Key on it. I recently found one on ebay and won the auction. i recieved it fine and the sleeve notes read as following: 1 The Big Money 2 Marathon 3 Turn The Page 4 Prime Mover 5 Manhattan Project 6 Closer to the Heart 7 Red Sector A 8 Force Ten [side switch] 9 Lock and Key 10 Mission 11 Territories 12 The Rythem Method 13 The Spirit of Radio 14 Tom Sawyer 15 2112/Villa Strangiato/In the Mood I was really excited to recieve this but when i put it in to watch Lock and Key, it went straight into Mission... I'm looking into getting another but i'm afraid to come accross the same problem again. Does anyone know specifically how you can tell if the Disc will have Lock and Key or not? Thank you!
  5. I have to say Presto! I don't find ANYTHING on that album that i would change.
  6. Available light for sure. I'd say Hand Over Fist comes very close though. I'm glad those two tracks are right next to eachother
  7. I'm not one to believe in magic But I sometimes have a second sight I'm not one with a sense of proportion When my heart still changes overnight This was exclusively for the first LaserDisc issue of the "A Show of Hands" video. INAMOM INAMOL POPWKY FSFC
  8. Do we have to be forgiving at last? What else can we do? Do we have to say goodbye to the past? Yes I guess we do 1989 ITIWOA WFTPATT LIAWOMO ITICRA TICRTTNA
  9. Awesome. We contacted ticketmaster and will get the tickets at will call
  10. My mother purchased tickets for the first red rocks show tonight (why I'm writing this at 1:00 am I don't know) and she received them back in June. She put them in a small paper holder built in her desk so she wouldn't forget about them and hasn't touched them since. When she went to get them last night, she couldn't find them...we searched for hours and couldn't find them anywhere. They were no where to be found. They could have fallen out and accidentally been thrown in the garbage. Sucks because there were four expensive tickets in that envelope. We still have tickets to the second night but I was hoping to go to both epic shows. Just a big bummer for us and I can just tell that my mother was really upset and she thinks she's going crazy because she knew she put them there and never touched them. Everyone here was looking forward to it but it looks like we're gonna have to skip this one... Bummer...
  11. Until our final breath The joy and pain that we receive Must be what we deserve I was brought up to believe Last time this was played live was on the presto tour: IAPWIAB TGFATL TWITSOTDS ATBB TPWTBT MTTBF
  12. I'll be there holding up the Canadian flag for the band with my dad . yay this is my first RUSH concert and I'm really looking forward to it.
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