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    My first concert at Hartford, Ct for the Vapor trails tour.
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  1. Yes, I attended North Carolina Central University and I am currently studying music at Boston College. I was told by Branford Marsalis and my professors that the days of playing an instrument good and making a living on it are over. You need to be able to teach, compose, ect, be a jack of all trades in the field. That is why the education is important. You will not make a living as a musician if you only play an instrument and your education comes from the teacher at Tony's music shop. My question is, why are u frustrated? it took you 3 years into it to figure out that you are not going to get a $700,000 a year recording contract? You are not going to be"discovered" and tour allover the country 1 month out of college? We go to school to study music because we love it, it is in our soul. Upon graduation, you can expect to be teaching at your local high school or middle school and playing some gigs at the local clubs, bars, church halls, and VFW's. You will probably be playing July 4th picnics and instead of saying "Hello Boston!!!!!!" at a gig you will be saying " Hello to the bride and groom". Even those days are fading fast thanks to DJ's. That is the hard truth about music majors. The degree will not give you stardom, it will give you an education. You need to put in the work and time in and love every minute of it. You may or may not be successful. The point is you did this because you love music and want it to be a part of your life no matter what the cost.
  2. ONE LITTLE VICTORY is my overall favorite Rush song by far. It speaks to me. It gives me that special feeling when I listen to it.
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