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  1. When Patrick Swayze say's "nobody puts baby in the corner". (from DIRTY DANCING) p.s GHOST makes me wail like a newborn.
  2. Age and sex usually go hand and hand, at first all we have is our hand ..... then things get a little better. Eventually though all things come full circle, and again we'll find ourselves with our hands reaching across to the pharmacist for some medication that can slow our inevitable circle of strife. Nonetheless I'm still at the age where I like sex ..... I'm just watching the numbers a little more and slowly building a relationship with my local drug store. Just when you get good at it! (sheesh) Red Barchetta 2 (philosopher at hand)
  3. Does being a non-smoker add ten years to my life? If so should I incorporate that into the numbers game? If I'm in touch with my feminine side should this be also looked at as a argument for adjustment as to where I really sit in the whole scheme of things.
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