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  1. never, and i've been known to tell people discussing the setlist around me before/during the show to knock it off. with a band like Rush, the setlist is the main element of surprise - why would i want to know that beforehand? I already know I'm going regardless of what they're playing. i never look at my Xmas presents before Xmas either.
  2. he'll be fine wherever - i'd go a bit further back than those 3rd row seats to make sure he has a good perspective of the screens. my son's coming with me - he's 11. his first show was in 2010. we're in row 11, first row of 2nd bank of floor seats. can't wait. seeing rush with your kid is the best - just prepare for the emotion of songs like time stands still -- whoa.
  3. my house is 10 times what it was worth in 1980. just saying ...
  4. keep trying -- once in a blue moon, stuff comes up.
  5. still plenty coming up in first 20 rows.
  6. keep trying -- stuff's being released in inconsistent blocks. pulled my tickets for vcvr right at 10, then nothing showed up for 20 minutes, then more have been released ...
  7. got 11th row, geddy side thru the rush tickets today sale. still good seats coming up -- they're being released in chunks. closest i've seen since is 9th row.
  8. they don't need another singer. they're pros - they can downtune if necessary, or just make a setlist of what he can sing.
  9. refresh my ageing memory - do we need a code for the presale thru the musictoday site?
  10. it's a stone cold classic. it's sweeter than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made of bacon riding a harley with me in the sidecar with a bottle in one hand and a gun in the other, firing shots off in the air while getting lit and banging my head to the melodic sounds of new RUSH. ah yeah.
  11. Wow, start a thread and come back a few days later and bam. Some great reading - the diversity of everybody's tastes is quite a kick. Yeah, so RUSH and the Grateful Dead are 1 and 1A for me, but I listen to an absolute ton of different stuff, mainly confined to Rock, Jazz, & Funk/Soul. I don't mind hip-hop, but hold the opinion that nothing important has happened after the first wu-tang album. I don't listen to classical music and I can't stand new country. I appreciate classic metal, and own some Sabbath and Maiden, but my tastes don't run deep with metal. Other bands/artists I love (as they come to mind): Zeppelin Beatles Stones Clash Floyd Genesis Radiohead Wilco My Morning Jacket Phish Zappa Return to Forever Weather Report Miles Davis (post-In A Silent Way) Coltrane Herbie Hancock (electric 70s stuff) James Brown Sly Parliament Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye Bob Dylan Ryan Adams Santana Hendrix The Temptations Triumph April Wine Max Webster Crimson White Stripes Black Keys I could go on and on and on - music's a wonderful obsession.
  12. Mine is the Grateful Dead. I won't bother to try and defend it - it'd take too long, but a friend said to me, "you basically like the guys that are the absolute best on their instruments (i.e. RUSH), and the guys that are the absolute worst." I disagree, but I see what he was saying. Anyway, I thought'd make an interesting thread to see if others have such disparate tastes ...
  13. QUOTE (driventotheedge @ Jun 29 2011, 02:42 PM) I might leave ML at 5:30 as sometimes the line of cars to get in is quite long. But then I am an OC, "need to get there early" kind of guy so........ I hear you -- I'm that guy too.
  14. Thanks for the replies. So, a 6:00 departure would be prudent (but not crazy early), with additional time if we want to grill some burgers in the lots? Reason I ask is that I've dealt with other 2-lane accessible amphitheatres and cut things way too close
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