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  1. QUOTE (syd11 @ May 10 2010, 01:38 PM) I'm ok with them shortening the song slightly. I did get to see it twice on the MP tour and think they can pull it off without wrecking the integrity of the song. I personally find Jacob's Ladder a little long in the middle also but am glad they're playing it. I do believe because of Camera Eye & JL being played that it won't leave room for any of the other longer songs they've played such as Xanadu, Natural Science, Working Man or Bytor unless they are also abbreviated. I would not be shocked to see Xanadu again like they perfromed it on R-30....I'll take it!
  2. I think they play both verses no question. I think they cut the transition out of the first suite into the second suite down several measures. I don't think it is going to be as bad as some might think. Plus we are getting Jacobs Ladder!!!!!!!!!! And plenty of other suprises I am sure.
  3. I am taking my 5 year old son to his very first Rush (and concert for that matter) show. He plays drums almost everyday with me (I play the guitar) and he is a huge Rush fan. I have been playing Rush for him since he was in Mommy's tummy. He is really excited. I will be making him wear earplugs though. We are sitting 17th row dead center. I sure hope some people don't get too upset when I put him on my shoulders for some tunes.....my hope is he can see standing on his chair. Anyway this will be such a joy to watch his eye's light up as soon as we get to our seats...look at the stage...then when Rush hits the first notes....he will be blown away! I just hope he can stay awake the entire show (his bed time is pretty much between 8-8:30 like clockwork) Mom needs to get him down for a nap that day (not an easy task as he is not really much of a napper). Anywhoo......so pumped for him...and I think I will enjoy watching him more than the band. His favorite stuff seems to mirror me of course...but he pretty much knows most of the catalog. Dad has a guy's only roadtrip the day before in Tampa.
  4. Set One The Spirit of Radio The Analog Kid Marathon Force 10 Freewill New Song The Big Money Red Sector A Distant Early Warning Mission Digital Man Manhatten Project Jacobs Ladder Set Two Tom Saywer Red Barchetta YYZ Limelight The Camera Eye Witch Hunt Vital Signs Subdivisions New World Man New Song The Trees Closer To The Heart A Farewell To Kings La Villa Strangiato Xanadu 2112 Encore By Tor and the Snow Dog Something for Nothing Working Man
  5. 1) Black Holes 2) Absolution 3) The Resistence 4) Origins Never heard Showbiz...need to get that. A brilliant band....I have yet to see them live (missed my chance when they were a support act for a band I don't remember and they played in Sunrise Florida). I really hope they find their way down into Florida because my wife and I will go anywhere in our home state to see them. I can't stand the Radiohead comparison. Yes they have a similar approach to some songs and the such....but Muse are way more powerful. I loved 2 records from Radiohead...The Bends and OK Computer...then they went somewhere I did not want to go. Just got really drugged out wierd for the sake of being wierd...once they went away from guitar driven songs I had enough. Muse on the other hand is an Epic band with big songs and amazing vocals and chops. LOVE THEM!!!
  6. Love PT...saw them down here in Miami at the Filmore....fantastic show. Other than Rush...hands down the best band in the world....and I would put Muse 3rd on that list. Amazing they have not caught fire in the states. I have gotten 8 people into them hard core...trying my best to spread the disease. FOABP and Nil recurring are my absolute favorites...but I also love The Incident, Deadwing, Lightbulb Sun and In-Absentia. Stupid Dream is good and Signify is also good. I really have not delved farther back than that although I do have Stars Die....their earlier stuff is much more atherial (sp?).
  7. Of course front Row rules. You kidding me?
  8. Although I believe no tunes from post 1987 will be played if they were to reach into the CP vault. Cut to the Chase Double Agent Alien Shore 3 signature Rush tunes in their catalog. I don't think we will ever hear Alien Shore....the bass lines are so killer and I just don't think Geddy can do the vocal justice while playing that tune...it sounds extremely difficult to pull off live. Cut to the Chase is a perfect live song...and I am with some others who are baffled as to why this tune has been passed over time and again to be performed live. Double Agent is a killer jam and would also be a welcomed suprise. But.....I don't think we get any post 80's stuff this tour (and I hope I am right).
  9. Bullshit.....they are playing this gem in it's entirety. I read the Alex interview that they are going to tweak TCE. I highly doubt they leave out the second verse ala the Signals tour this time out. As long as both suites are played I will be very cool with that. I don't think they drastically shorten TCE. The other tunes will all be played like have been played the past 3-4 tours....complete. I do hope they do not do the break down coming out of the solo in Red Barchetta....I want them to kick into the main riff full friggin force like the R-30 Tour. No screwing around like that. I really hope they give us the album experience with Moving Pictures....limited interuptions please!
  10. You will be better off waiting till 2 days before the show...and up till the day of the show.
  11. QUOTE (briremo @ May 4 2010, 12:27 PM) Trying to find three tickets for me and my boys (literally 14 & 11). Pay up to $750 for something in Sec 3 row T or better. Thanks! Go to Ebay....but I will tell you getting 3 will be murder....you need a 4th to go with you...I see 4 tickets 275 a piece in Row T Section 2. Jump on them.
  12. QUOTE (KillerInstinct @ May 2 2010, 06:14 PM) I hope it doesnt get leaked... When they start playing Marathon I want it to be a surprise Once the tour starts...I am staying away from the boards...my shows are not till October...man...it will be torture...pure torture. But worth not peaking that is for sure.
  13. QUOTE (trenken @ May 2 2010, 04:31 PM) How early do you guys think the setlist will get leaked? I cant remember if they usually get leaked early or not. Trying to decide whether I want to go or not. Ive seen Rush many times, so I cant really justify going since this is not supporting a new album which is lame, unless there's many songs I havent seen them play yet from past albums. Need setlist NOW! First off...it's not lame...they are warming up new material. They used to do small tours called warm up tours. These days though they do take much longer breaks. I am sure we will her 3-4 new songs with a couple being rotated in and out. Second....TCE and Jacobs Ladder lame? Dude...this is a long time hard cores Rush fan's dream....and I am sure they will have more suprises. This IMO will be an epic tour...and maybe the best setlist since the Moving Pictures tour.
  14. 2 shows this leg. WPB and Tampa. Next leg 3-4 for sure.
  15. I was going to go VIP for West Palm Beach....but all I could pull up were 11th and 12th row....so I bought the 11th row seats (3 tickets)..Alex side. This will be my son's (5 years old and a rapid Rush fan and an aspiring drummer...no shit). So I wanted to get as close as we could. Well...after buying those I went to MT and pulled 17th row dead center....I mean dead center. I have not sat dead center for Rush since the RTB tour. I have always been on either Geddy's or Alex's side. I bought those seats and canceled the VIP tickets. If the VIP tickets would have been in the first 7-8 rows...I would have kept them. But they weren't and for 9 rows back and perfectly centered...it was a no brainer for me. I do believe the VIP tickets are a great way for die hard Rush fans (who have the cash) to make sure they secure their tickets and not have to be at the mercy of the broker and Ticket bastard secondary market (ala Tickets now...auctions etc). And the fact that they are will call pick up makes it great so brokers never get access to these tickets. All the swag...the guarantee of a great seat...not a bad deal overall. It did take away a bunch of seats from the MT pre-sale...so those like me who have had great luck with that (I still did this time but not as close as the last 3 tours) may not have even had a shot this tour. It is well worth it....I don't think VIP is a bad thing for true fans (who have the coin) to get the seats they are willing to pay for. What I would like to see for the next leg (because I will get a 2 ticket package for an out of town show next leg) is maybe some other things added to the package like: A sound check with the band A meet and greet and autographed poster. I would pay $500 a ticket for that...yes I would. But that is a VIP experience. And I would say they should give you the choice of a platinium experience like that...or a gold package like the one that is being offered for this tour. I think that would be another win for the true long time die hard fans.
  16. All I want is Alex to nail this solo...big time.
  17. Moving Pictures opening the show...would also work really good. I hope they play it straight through...with limted interuptions..maybe a hello after Red Barchetta...then just the songs till the end of Vital Signs before we hear another word from Geddy.
  18. QUOTE (LedZep @ Apr 28 2010, 04:13 PM) 2112... all the way through. OK, but how cool would that be? You know...that would be epic...but even if they only played Overture and Temples.....it would rawk the house.
  19. QUOTE (DetachedandSubdivided @ Apr 29 2010, 05:28 PM) I would put my money on SoR... But I would give an arm or a leg to hear "Totem" and/or "Cold Fire" on this tour. My wife is a new Rush fan, and those are her two favorite songs... and if Rush played either, well, let's just say I think I'd have permanent future permission to buy whatever tickets I wanted, in any part of the country. Regardless what the opening song will be... this show is going to ROCK. My wife adores both those tunes as well!!
  20. I have sat in many different spots for Rush over the years. Front Row Geddy side, Second Row Geddy Side, 6th Row center, 13th Row Alex side etc etc. I love being up close...the experience is just amazing. I also love sitting back 15-20 rows center for sonic reasons too. This leg that's exactly where I will be...the MT pre-sale gave me 17th dead center for WPB and 25th dead center for Tampa (although I will try to upgrade to the first 5 rows for this show...we shall see). If you have never sat close (within the first 5 rows close)...you owe it to yourself to at least do it once. Next leg I will be up close for at least one show. So I prefer up close and personal.
  21. I have been pining for Jacobs Ladder...now we are getting it (ahmen) but I would also love to hear Marathon, Middletown Dreams and The Analog Kid. Those tunes would be great. I think Marathon has a great shot as does The Analog Kid. Middletown would be a jaw dropping shocker...like Entre Nous and Circumstances were last tour.
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