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  1. God I'hope not heard it all except one'song before do AFTK that would be great
  2. Why did you put Spoiler in title? If you dont have one?
  3. Maybe we will get a ATWAS drum solo on the CHROME Kit
  4. Thats the worse instrumental they have ever done Blah!!!
  5. Please stop refering to the kit as chromey its the chrome kit
  6. I think its 2 CA tunes CA and HF with the other 2 as alternates
  7. Stage recreation might be when they bring out the chrome kit and move things around
  8. They said they loved playing TCE on the TM tour
  9. Well we had the spoiler of the chrome kit my guess they will play the older songs when Neils playing it with no vids just some old school lighting
  10. Maybe as there opening video they show them playing those song live through the yrs thats the video credits Im grasping at straws here somebody help me
  11. A little smoke :smoke: some NA Beer and going to find someone tweeting the setlist and a good Friday night will be had by all
  12. http://www.therushforum.com/index.php?/topic/93093-when-does-rush-arrive-in-tulsa/
  13. 7 more days of this shit Thank God it almost here
  14. I took one of those with me on the Hemispheres Tour still have the pics somewhere
  15. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/EJA916/history/20150429/2200Z/KBUR/KTUL
  16. I can see a new record a nd a 15 city tour in the future
  17. Dont know'why but I think it has a good chance of being played
  18. My tickets says no cameras or recorders
  19. No way that is possible. That song was never played on the HYF tour. Ever. Are you mistaking Red Sector A? GUP Tour
  20. Their will be no'second leg Im happy there is a first leg
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