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  1. Has anyone considered that Neil might end his solo this time around with " The Hockey Theme"? Any Thoughts?
  2. Has anyone Considered that Rush might revisit the Moving Pictures Tour plus Witch Hunt? It Might Look something this this! Set 1: 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx) Freewill Limelight Hemispheres (Prelude) Beneath, Between and Behind New Song New Song The Camera Eye Witch Hunt YYZ Broon's Bane The Trees Xanadu Set 2: The Spirit of Radio Red Barchetta Closer To The Heart Tom Sawyer Vital Signs Natural Science Drum Solo/ ending with The Hockey Theme! Working Man Hemispheres (Armageddon) By-Tor and the Snow Dog (abbreviated)-> In the End In The Mood Encore: Far Cry La Villa Strangiato (classical guitar intro) 2112 (Finale) What would be even more "Time Machine-ish" would be Neil bring out the Tubular Bells and Marimbas and such!
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