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  1. The Polls are just the beginning of the experiment! So if you don't like them, don't vote! How stupid do you have to be to notice it's a poll, and you still enter and vote! If it's a poll just move on! Let the Caravan take you to the next thread!


    Hey guys, the beach is full of petroleum lets take a dip anyway!



  2. QUOTE
    Prime Mover. We all know Geddy doesn't like to be stuck behind his keys, and it's one of the few songs from that era where he's not behind them at all. Anybody else remember seeing Prime Mover on A Show of Hands?


    I remember HYF tour as it was yesterday! What a great tour that was! Both Visually and Sonicly!



    Open Secrets

    fabulous song and one of the few instances where Neil gets it absolutely spot on when talking about relationships.

    The lyrics hit painfully near the mark....tremendous stuff.


    Open Secrets is na awesome song! There were two songs from HYF that I just adored one was open secrets the other was Turn the Page! Both songs kick serious Ass!




  3. Well I'm an old guy if 44 is old? Anyway I can't agree with you. Even though the albums weren't as great as in the two previous decades there was much to like!


    Such as:


    Show Don't Tell

    The Pass


    Available Light



    Where's my Thing?

    Ghost of a Chance

    Test for Echo


    Half The World

    Time and Motion


    Stick It Out

    Cut to the Chase

    Leave that thing Alone

    Double Agent

    Cold Fire



    I don't know looks like a good compilation for Greatest Hits II!


    I think what happened is that CD's were introduced during Hold Your Fire! Band had the added pressure of providing extra songs due to the extended time available on discs. Prior to that, they only had 45 minutes or so to make an album. Songs were more developed and the crappy ones were just thrown aside. Now they develop the bad ideas as well just to fill up the CD. I say go back to making albums or Cd with just 45-50 minutes not 80!




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  4. Well this one was a hard on for me! I Love Show Don't Tell, They've never played Presto or Available Light and I Love them both. The boys love The Pass and Chain Lightning has a great lead. But I had to go with the essential Rush song from Presto: Show Don't Tell! Besides, I just love that song.


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