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  1. Trick or Treat listening through all their work again and discovering some really addicting guitar riffs
  2. I really love this song, but when I tried the full album out i wasn't as impressed.
  3. been thinking about Joe's Garage and Sheik Yerbouti a lot lately haven't been listening to them, but i keep getting certain parts from each randomly popping in my head
  4. cooking some brown rice while chewing nicotine gum (and farting a lot)
  5. twitter has sucked forever and if elon kills it rather than saves it (whether by intention or not) then thatd be even better
  6. maybe at the end of the day, it wasnt that bad after all
  7. the next haken album couldnt come any sooner. they just announced a big show but still no sign of a new album, expecting late 2023 at bestđŸ˜” charles’ solo album is a lot of fun but i prefer richard’s by a long shot. it’s good for ever haken fan to check out both in order to get a better idea of which guitarist contributes what to each song, compositionally
  8. hi im rick beato and as a reminder its pronounced beato
  9. he’d leave her for ninet in a heartbeat, and that’s true love
  10. maybe i'll give it another try. i do like some flaming lips songs, but overall they're a bit too indie for my taste
  11. if only "The Terror" was as good musically as it is conceptually
  12. i haven't done anything to compensate for the sickness, just started taking advil before and during work hours today. if i'm not over this by saturday i'm going to be pissed (and maybe a little concerned, too)
  13. i don't remember common colds being this debilitating, but i've been totally out of it the past two days. hopefully by tomorrow i'll be on the tail end of it
  14. been having a lot of bad luck lately
  15. ive been having bad luck lately quite honestly
  16. we're finally getting some rain tomorrow, i'm stoked
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