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  1. i wonder if black adam is the rock's truest of all passion projects
  2. it's double the daily recommended amount but it's about how much i've been drinking lately
  3. (incidentally the pre-chorus to this song has some of my favorite guitar playing from Tabor, maybe in his top 25 guitar riffs)
  4. i agree, we don't need to separate them here for this thread but pianos are much more conventional and it's easier to start off a song with a piano intro that's (typically) just the hook of the song in piano format. meanwhile a keyboard intro will have to be more creative. e.g. i love the intro to Uncle Remus, but that's just the song, while Light My Fire is a good example of a keyboard intro which is entirely exclusive to the keyboard
  5. People sometimes tell me I should act my age but I've never been this age before.
  6. signs point to it being the last black swan event this cycle, but they're called black swan events for a reason i'm sure we're still going to be dealing with the fallout of several screwheads overleveraging in the future as well
  7. me neither but what does that matter when the fiasco leads literally everything to wick down along with it, lol
  8. sometimes i feel ways i shouldn't due to faults of my own
  9. thinking about this made me realize how few keyboard intros there really are. piano / acoustic guitar intros are everywhere, but not plain keyboard. Close To The Edge doesn't count but was one i wanted to mention right off the bat Octavarium by Dream Theater might have counted too, since it's a long intro and the at the climax of it is Jordan Rudess.. Only i realized he's playing it on a steel guitar using heavy effects, so that's also not a keyboard intro. Frank Zappa doesn't have many keyboard intros, if i were to name one i'd just be naming it for the sake of discovering it.
  10. ^ also made it on to Beato’s list a ton of Genesis songs qualify, both Watcher of the Skies and Time Table
  11. Beato's list is pretty good to be honest, it includes Subdivisions while we're on Rush, imagine if the intro to "The Spirit of Radio" was played on a saw keyboard instead of a guitar.. whoa, that'd be one of the best of all time for sure. i checked on youtube to see if anyone had done this, and while i would have sworn otherwise, no one has done this yet.
  12. aw man, David's old myspace photos were scrubbed from the internet Photos from David Disanto (vektonaut) on Myspace
  13. looks like they've been on a Euro tour for these past two months (first tour since 2016) so yeah hopefully a new album on the way
  14. Outer Isolation is great too then all the controversy happened, not sure how many of the allegations are true, but the leaked footage i saw of Disanto 'beating his wife' was one of the most embarrassing things i've ever seen a grown man do. great musician, but what a geek. the real disappointment though is that the band decided to regroup a couple years ago only to release two songs that excited nobody, really boring tracks. hopefully they're working on something more serious.
  15. never listened to it but Alex Lifeson composing songs with flutes out of time sounds avant garde
  16. their latest two albums have been well received so i'd still give them a shot anyway. i've been meaning to give Abyss a second try, but as it stands ive just spammed the title track :P i just watched the first vid you linked and that's a good song too but it didn't "wow" me like Abyss did. the bassist's technique is incredible, i've never seen that kind of fingering used before. i'm probably just burnt out on power metal tbh i think they break out of the power metal mold enough to be a stand-out band, which is something musicians who are still in this genre kind of have to do in order to survive (the subgenre peaked and faded in the 90's and 2000s)
  17. the next time you're arguing with someone and they're clearly more interested in being right than what is true, sign off with a "well, whatever you think then"
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