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  1. one of these days you're going to get what you deserve!
  2. given the chance I'd ____ you
  3. An abortion that survived
  4. change ur avatar or ill report u
  5. Something's coming.
  6. Why should I feel pain? To be protected like a simple boy...
  7. Yeah I know who I am and I'm okay.
  8. Plastic forks and spoons, no laces in my shoes...
  9. This is really happening, happening
  10. I'm not here, this isn't happening...
  11. You're not leaving. I won't let you.
    1. PolarizeMe


      Who said I was leaving? Check TOST.
  12. Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there...
  13. But when you're on your own, that's when you're free.
  14. Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore...
  15. Say goodbye my friend, here's your promised end. We're so sorry to say: it's all the same, you will see...
  16. welcome to heck
  17. Forever in our hearts.
  18. That's why I repent, that's why I go under
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