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  1. fair enough. everyone should know MGK sucks though, it should be made obvious. he's just some guy who's famous, music is secondary. my little brother loves him because he did nothing but hip hop albums up until he did a rock album with travis scott. anyone can do that. he says he's "revived rock". send help.
  2. at this point i feel like i should have disclosed that pop bands don't necessarily count. find someone on here who's a fan of Machine Gun Kelly and then i'll be surprised. no one likes that shit.
  3. GG Allin. that guy really sucks. he's overrated within the "underground" sphere. no one actually likes his music, it's all about how he eats his own shit on stage.
  4. well, at least it took up until page 3 for them to be mentioned. that's a fair position to take though, and i kind of agree. im very neutral on the beatles hold a few songs which i think are irreplicable. their influence matters more, it seems like every band from the 70's/90's were directly inspired by them.
  5. i'm pushing 30 and still self deprecating
  6. every U2 song is exactly the same, but at least it's a good song
  7. same, but i could never sell them if someone told me they didn't like them. ELO on the other hand should appeal to everyone
  8. man.. i've made that mistake before too and there's no defending ELP
  9. i love Haken a lot, top 10 of all time for me. i prefer them to dream theater or any other prog metal band out there really. definitely not a hugely popular band, but within prog circles yes.
  10. that's a shame, i just listened through Eldorado on my 5 a.m. morning walk yesterday and it was a beautiful experience. all of their 70's albums are good so i doubt you listened to the "wrong album", but after the 70s they drop like a rock. their prog phase was only really on their 2nd and 3rd albums, and i'd say their third album is probably their best so maybe give "On the Third Day" another try. "ELO 2" is even more prog than that one and holds it's unique place in prog history
  11. looking forward to the next video call guys, i promise i won't record this one ha ha
  12. they have a couple good songs and their acoustic set was cool too, particularly the meat puppet stuff. but i agree, there's nothing special about them in the slightest, they're just a rock band. i'd put them in the same category as AC/DC really, there's nothing they do other than appeal to the lowest common denominator.
  13. i might just be the most gothic person on earth
  14. led zeppelin have some pretty good songs
  15. for me it's led zeppelin and metallica. those guys suck ac/dc and guns n roses suck too, but i don't dislike them as much. everyone else is cool though, even fleetwood mac.
  16. But I'm not too sure, and I'm not too proud Well I'm not too sure and I'm not too proud
  17. The Call -- easily the most underrated 80's new wave band of all-time
  18. crazy to think it's almost been a month since i posted this, because this exact band/song is still my primary go-to this is the surest sign that i've been listening to a lot less music lately 1:26 is the guitar riff in question
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