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  1. why why do you always kick me when i'm high
  2. you could turn this event into a handyman horror story
  3. at the end of the day haircuts are for slaves
  5. algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo algo
  6. (on the first chatGPT copypasta, not the second one. skimmed the first one and it was p funny)
  7. Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop by this spam-tastic thread and infuse a bit of Rush energy into the mix! How about we sprinkle some Rush lyrics or trivia amidst our spamming adventures? Let's see if we can turn the chaos into a Rush-inspired masterpiece! Who's up for the challenge? Let's keep the fun rolling and the Rush vibes flowing in this lively thread. Looking forward to seeing the Rush magic amidst the spam chaos! 🎸🚀
  8. Hey Rush fans! Have you ever experienced the pure magic of Rush's music? Their timeless melodies and profound lyrics have woven an intricate tapestry that transcends generations. As we traverse the depths of their discography, it's like embarking on an odyssey through musical evolution and innovation. From the early, raw energy of their debut album to the progressive symphonies that defined their later work, Rush has consistently pushed boundaries. Geddy Lee's mesmerizing basslines, Alex Lifeson's masterful guitar riffs, and Neil Peart's unparalleled drumming are more than just notes; they're an experience, an emotion, a journey. What's your Rush story? Was it the first time you heard "Tom Sawyer" or the way "2112" captivated your imagination? Maybe it was the sheer brilliance of "Moving Pictures" or the intricate storytelling of "Clockwork Angels"? Share your Rush moment—the one that etched itself into your musical soul. But it's not just about the music, is it? Rush's lyrics speak volumes about life, philosophy, and the human experience. Neil Peart's lyrical prowess painted vivid landscapes that sparked introspection and contemplation. What Rush lyrics resonate with you the most? Which ones have been your guiding light through life's twists and turns? Let's ignite a discussion that celebrates Rush's legacy, their impact on music, and how their artistry has influenced us personally. This forum is a space to connect, share stories, reminisce about unforgettable concerts, and celebrate the genius of Rush together. Join in and let's keep the spirit of Rush alive and thriving! After all, as Neil Peart so eloquently put it, "The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect, so hard to earn, so easily burned." Rock on, Rush fans! 🤘🎶
  9. uhhh TMI but in all seriousness i'm going to take it easy with the feasting this thanksgiving. the level of toxic poop in my body is already unprecedented as it is
  10. i'm thankful for my step daughter
  11. i think having a step daughter could be a nightmare scenario never really thought about it much until a buddy of mine got a step daughter
  12. constantly conscious seldom sleeping
  13. listened to QOTSA for the first time since missing their concert like an autistic r*tard and it still depresses me guess i won't be able to enjoy them anymore unless i catch them on a future tour. what a tragic loss
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