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  1. We'll see about the best dancers part. ;) I think I see a dance off .. Yup. It's on! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/amandaladi/moving%20pictures%20smilies/leppy.gif <----- me practicing....
  2. Geez. Congrats man on that. She is as fine as a woman can ever be and a wonderful person to boot. That set of pics she posted a while back in her TRF shirts is as good as those shirts will ever look. Super hot. Again well done. I bow in your general direction.... :codger: Thanks Narp. She is a lovely woman indeed. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/amandaladi/moving%20pictures%20smilies/loveeyes.gif
  3. it'll be a smashing ood time!! Bonus: I can borrow one of my daughters dresses that SHE wore to Prom!! ha ha ha i paid for the damn things, i may as well get to use it to , 'eh?
  4. Well, this thread definitely jives with the North American Standard...
  5. I just won tickets to :rush: through our local radio station !!!! 3rd time's a charm (trying to call & win) :7up: :dweez: :ebert: :clap: :yay: :cheerleader: :banana:
  6. Kildeer Again, captured at my workplace.
  7. Went to the theater to see this movie last night. f***ing phenomenal. I've seen a lot of movies in theaters. NEVER in all of those shows do i recall a more silent crowd leaving after the movies' end. never. usually there's applause, talking. you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. quite a moving film.
  8. I have a VERY strong connection to birds. they have a tremendous amount of meaning to me. different birds have different meanings. i have bird feeders at home & work. I have a book - Bird of Michigan. Over the years i've marked the ones i've seen with a post-it and dated when sighted. Once in a while i can capture photos. not as much as i used to. TROUTMAN. remember when i had the cardinal family right outside my window & I'd film and photograph them for you? :) i saw a cardinal this morning on my way to work. such a beautiful stark red colour in the winter white sunny morning. It's one of my all time favourite birds. It is said when a cardinal comes around it is a sign from a loved one who has passed. :) Saturday i was leaving work and there was this HUGE swarm of birds close to me. it seemed like there were MILLIONS of them, flying in sync with each other, and even more in the trees chirping away. it took my breath away it was so f***ing awesome. i stood there for a few minutes in awe of the sight. most often when i see that i'm in the car driving. it's rare i take the opportunity to sit and be in-joy of the experience. of the many amazing experiences, the photo i'm about to share is one of my all time favourites. This guy i named Bob. It is a Sand Hill Crane. I have a family of three that hang out at my work. They love to eat the bird seed out of the feeder. i used to keep it close to my office window. I would film them often. I was particularly happy with this capture. i felt like i was so busted !!! ha ha ha. very spiritual beings. i love them. all of 'em.
  9. No affair, not at all. It just looked that way to some people because my ex and I were so private about things for the most part. But like I said, we still lived in the same apartment and made an appearance here or there, so it looked strange to some people. welp.... to be honest it's nobody's business what you choose to do with you life. and you have no control over how others choose to feel or judge your life. I live in Michigan too! What part of the Mitten are ya'll residing? i'm at a kind of half way point between Detroit & Ann Arbor. :) hope to maybe meet you at the show this year?
  10. Ok, there's been more stuff added to the concerts of 2015... Pink Floyd Experience - February Bee Gees - February Bob Segar - March RUSH - June RUSH - July (HOPEFULLY) Nickelback - August Foo Fighters - August The Who - October Three Dog Night - October One of my best friends LOVES to go to concerts, it's her escape... so she's the one who buys the tickets... i'm simply a partner in crime to go with her, and sometimes the DD :)
  11. My oldest kid - well her dad acquired his 4th masters degree on Dec 20th from Eastern Michigan University. This was taken at the commencement ceremony. ya know... those things can be kinda boring sometimes.... this is one of many ways we find to kill time... from L to R: my daughters Ryan, Jessica, Amber & me. :)
  12. I dropped my daughter off at the airport this morning (she's going to FLA to Universal studios - so excited for her! ) - then headed to work. I chose a route/road that is a state /county 17 mile park called Edward Hines Drive. All the plant life and trees are coated in frost and as the early morning sun rised, it made all of them sparkle! it was so pretty to see it made my day. clearly i like sparkly things...
  13. In this day and age of food allergies & sensitivities you would think that the schools curriculum would account for certain modifications to individuals ... She's in HS, so the days of parental intervention may be out - as in, would she mind if you stepped in and said something to the teacher or even go higher up? with a gluten allergy, she really can't even be a part of the cooking/preparing process - let alone eating the creation! dishes even can play a part in this - she's not LEARNING anything except how to do dishes if the teacher isn't willing to meet her half way... I mean, what if it was a peanut allergy? would the teacher say to the student - 'oh well, you can't taste the pea nutty food but you can smell it...' there isn't much difference there, 'eh? I dunno man, it's a tough call. I say she drops the class all together, and find another elective. if she's serious about gluten free food cooking/preparation, perhaps take a course outside of the school that can accommodate her allergy... I'm in a (mostly) vegan gluten free household and we do a lot of gluten free meals. modifications are EASY, not outrageous cost-wise and not only taste WONDERFUL but IMHO (finbar) much better for us as a whole...
  14. The Buffalo show on the last tour was also on a Friday which no doubt helped with the sell out. This year the show is on a Wednesday, so I don't expect a sell out but I do think they'll get a good crowd like they usually do here. It does make sense for them to skip Pittsburgh if attendance was bad for them last time they played there. I dont think the day of the week really matters. It was hours after I first the Newark date that I happened to notice it was on a Friday. IDK. Maybe it doesn't matter to only a small minority. The day of the week does play a big part in it. Shows that are on a friday, saturday or sunday are going to draw better than a show scheduled in the middle of the work week for a lot of people. Especially if they have to travel and need to try and get the time off from their job. It's much easier for a lot of people to go to a weekend show where they don't have to worry about missing work. I skipped the last show in Grand Rapids, MI because It was a sunday and i'm a couple hours drive from the venue. It would have been a very late night, with having to go to work the next day.... i wasn't feelin' it. I had been to the show at the Palace few months prior, so i also didn't feel as though i was really "missing" anything besides seeing some of the peeps i've come to know over the years. This 'ole girls loves a good party ! :D I won't do the 1st toronto show for the same reason. it's a wednesday, a little more difficult to swing with work n all. that's a 4 hr drive minimum, so no way i'm driving up, doing the show and coming back home that night. The friday show though.... that's a little more doable, and i'm looking at trying to do that one. i can take the friday off, stay the night /weekend in toronto !!!
  15. ok so in all seriousness - this is true. i didn't fully read the article that started this thread, but i have done extensive research over the years into this - and there's truth to it. There is a link between under wire bras and breast cancer in women. I've read quite a few articles on the subject. if women feel the need to keep their "girls" in place, or are choosing to wear undergarments because of how it makes them feel ie pretty, sexy, safe, secure, whatever the case may be - fine - wear something with no underwire or limit the amount of time you wear an underwire undergarment.
  16. Foo Fighters in August. The Who in October. that's it so far.... :)
  17. i saw the same show in Detroit. I had seen Alice Cooper before.... MANY years (coughdecadescough) ago and he still puts on a good drama filled show! First time seeing Motley Crew. All I can say is Tommy Lee's drum solo was off the flippin charts man ! loved it!! recorded the whole thing too!!
  18. Well, this thread jives with the North American Standard...
  19. Your passion and love for this forum jumps off the screen. Inspiring to be honest.... :cheers: :) You are so right, Narpski. I have friends that I have met through TRF that I love as much as (and in some cases MORE THAN) my blood relatives. When they reach out - I'd be there for them - no matter what it takes. Who knew that 10 years ago I would see the world as so small - with beloved friends around the globe. I did the same thing. Added the plaque because i couldn't find the badge, not felt like digging for it... So many memories indeed... :) :sigh: ...
  20. Its a bittersweet occasion for me.While I would love to celebrate his anniversary like I would his birthday I feel a bit sad. While I have no concrete evidence to support this opinion, I do believe Net-Falco was eaten by a bear during the brutal winter hunting season in Finland. Either that or he is in hiding in hopes he doesn't get caught for murdering Rushgoober. Why else would not come back to continue courting his, "Sweet Emulutka" AKA...Ladirushfan80 In any event, cheers to the Netter! Can't say I could blame him for courting Ladirushfan80..... ;)
  21. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/amandaladi/yay.gif
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