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  1. i voted for natural science but it was a tough call between jacob's ladder and NS... why can't i vote twice 'eh?
  2. just a thought... what if Neil gave rights to buddy's daughter so it COULDN"T be made into a movie... tons of books get the "rights", but not all of them make it onto the big screen..... it could also become another small independant film...seen at sundance... i just can't see it being a huge big screen production..... if it does, great, i'll be one of the first in line at the box office to see it!! i'm just not getting my hopes up... it could be YEARS before anything transpires..... if anything..... sorry to burst anyones bubble, but reality has to seep in somewhere....
  3. QUOTE (madra sneachta @ Aug 31 2004, 06:55 AM) http://gallery.yimg.com/c/256wm/10210268.jpg Can anyone see these pictures? - I can't on my machine, but I can't see a lot of other pics on the board either, so maybe the problem's on my end. i was having problems with that yesterday myslef after i posted the one pic of me in the othr thread... to answer your question... i can't see the picture....
  4. QUOTE (HAZMAT001 @ Aug 28 2004, 11:20 PM) In The End I can shine like you shine it doesent make me brighter i totally agree with you!!! i especially like this song live on ATWAS.....
  5. i gotta say "here again".... second place would probably be "working man".... i'm just a mellow person, going for the mellower tunes i s'pose.... **hey, where's my "mellow dude" icon??**
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