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  1. QUOTE (theredtamasrule @ Feb 13 2009, 04:59 PM) I had three 2112 sightings today! 1: I'm doing some calculations for work and it totals out to 2112... 2: I'm behind a Jaguar with license plate number 2112... 3: I'm driving a subdivision and look over at a mailbox with the house number 2112... Kinda neat but kinda freaky to see 3 on Friday 13th!!! im just curious if u went home and listened to 2112
  2. as soon as i saw the ending i immediately thought of how the writers can get around it. I hope they dont punk out and actually let you know who you know what. That would make for an interesting couple of next episodes.
  3. i am afraid the video has been taken down still i cant wait for this movie!
  4. QUOTE (rushgoober @ Mar 9 2009, 08:01 AM) QUOTE (Del_Duio @ Mar 9 2009, 05:18 AM) I have to admit that people who never read it are going to be VERY lost at the movie, since so much is not explored and so much is left out. I never read the book/graphic novel/comic book/whatever, but I didn't feel lost at all. *SPOILERS BELOW* Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the movie a lot regardless, but the one thing I really would have liked to be explained, however, was more about super powers. For example, I really appreciated how they went back and explained how Dr. Manhattan became the way he was, but for all the other costumed heroes - well, they went back and did origins on some of them, but there was a tremendous amount left unexplained. Like how did Rorscach's mask do what it did? From what I could perceive, Dr. Manhattan was the only one with any REAL power. Besides having cool costumes and nifty gadgets, how did the others seem to have all that super strength? Like the woman - all she had was some hot latex outfit. How did that allow her to kill throngs of men twice her size over and over and over again without a bruise? I understand suspending disbelief over what is essentially a comic book, but most great comic book movies like Spiderman, X-Men, etc., at least describe WHY these people are able to do what they do. They showed the older generation of heroes getting older and retiring, so they're clearly only human. I understand their desires to be heroes and help mankind and be vigilantes, but does that give them inhuman super strength, and in one case super speed? Is that explored more in the comic book? I was surprised as the movie was long enough and enough history was added in to explain things that they could have explained that as well. as far as superpowers go Dr. Manhattan is the only actual superhero. The rest of the people are only human. In the book it goes into a little more detail about how the original Nite Owl did basic strength training also it is mentioned in the book that Laurie the "girl with the hot latex outfit" was being trained by her mother since she was at least 13. Yeah the characters did seem to have a little too much strength but hey it is a movie so u have to expect it to be a little over the top. Now my opinion on the movie. *SPOILERS BELOW* WOW this movie followed the book nearly to the letter it is almost as if the director opened up the book and said okay lets shoot this first shot, make sure it looks just like the page. I couldn't believe how many shots and lines were taken right out of the book. The few changes they did make were small and understandable. For instance I can understand making Dr. Manhattan the bad guy in the end instead of a fake alien invasion that part never really sat right with me. My one complaint is that they never explain what in the hell the Veidt's tiger looking thing is. Not one single word the audience is just supposed to accept that Veidt has a pet tiger that has horns. For anyone confused about this it is a genetically engineered cat. Final word this movie rocked.
  5. at its best family guy is funnier but south park has been consistent for all these years
  6. QUOTE (Rushian King @ Jan 16 2009, 10:38 AM) QUOTE (AnalogKid15 @ Jan 14 2009, 06:54 PM)I really hope this film doesn't get delayed. Good news: Watchmen Dispute Resolved 16 January 2009 4:05 AM, PST Hotly-anticipated graphic novel adaptation Watchmen will hit the big screen on schedule after movie executives resolved a legal dispute which could have jeopardised the film's release. Lawyers for Fox and Warner Bros. - the film's distributor - agreed to let a federal judge decide whether or not the $130 million (GBP90 million) film will be released this spring as planned. In court papers filed last week, the warring attorneys handed control of the case to the courts, allowing a judge to rule on whether Fox chiefs could block the film's planned distribution, as part of a copyright infringement lawsuit against Warner Bros. Fox bought the movie rights to the graphic novel, about postmodern crime fighters in 1986, but the film was passed around several studios before it landed at Warner Bros. Fox chiefs argued that the original producer of the film never obtained the necessary rights from them. But now the case has come to a close - with Watchmen making its 6 March debut as planned. The studios settled after a judge ruled Fox did have an interest in the film, and now both film giants are looking forward to the release. Representatives for the studios issued a joint statement saying: "Warner Bros. and Fox, like all Watchmen fans, look forward with great anticipation to this film's 6 March release in theatres." Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, but the Hollywood Reporter claims it involves a cash payment to Fox and a percentage of the film's box office takings. Great news thanks for sharing
  7. I love how this topic immediately turned into a hate on Will Farrel spot. Well I might as well get into it before after Will Farrel --> got it good
  8. Alma, Michigan -100! Yes I just got back inside had had to post here
  9. QUOTE (MULTIPLIED REACTION @ Jan 14 2009, 08:41 PM) His 15 minutes are past. Please go away Will Farrell. amen to that he has one funny movie and that is only because i love laughing at NASCAR
  10. QUOTE (Jaye @ Jan 14 2009, 09:39 PM)QUOTE (AnalogKid15 @ Jan 14 2009, 10:48 PM)How has ollie not been mentioned yet "It's raining sideways!" Who wants this dog?http://ordorica.org/galleries/index/ollie_williams.jpg
  11. My bad meant to say Zach Snyder I got it mixed up because Snyder directed 300 and Miller wrote 300 And i knew the director of 300 was directing the Watchmen
  12. I really hope this film doesn't get delayed. Frank Miller and I'm sure he has turned the greatest graphic novel ever into a great movie.
  13. How has ollie not been mentioned yet Diane: Quahog is suffering from its worst heat wave ever. Tom: That's right Diane. We now go live to Ollie Williams. How are you betting the heat Ollie? Ollie:Swimminghole!
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