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    music, photography, traveling, reading whenever I have the chance, music-related movies, satellite radio, concerts, Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, and Wings, state and national parks, U.S. history, etc

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    "Working Man" and "Time Stands Still" tied
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    "Grace Under Pressure"
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    seeing them live of course!
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    Kamelot, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Alter Bridge, etc
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  1. agreed 100%... i think Kings X are severly underrated, and dream theater overrated... Kings X have such a unique and interesting sound, not a single band that sounds like them
  2. lol, you mean when SHE punched Kevin in the gut, and yes i remember that... a classic ep I love is when Kevin & Wayne fight over who will get Karen's room
  3. yea i know how that goes.. glad you like it though before Rescue Me he did an NYPD show called "The Job", i rented a dvd of it off Netflix, eh it was ok, just like every other mundane Law & Order-like show
  4. i am just curious if there are any fans of the show "Rescue Me" here, I love that show! For those who have never heard of it, Rescue Me is a firefighting drama-comedy on FX, starring Denis Leary... it deals with the effects of NYC and FDNY firefighters post-September 11th, and also covers a lot of realistic issues such as depression, family problems, and alcoholism... I personally love the show because I am interested in firefighting, but in addition to that I also love it because it is intense and realistic, and funny sometimes, of course with Denis Leary how could it not be?? And, it's also nice to see a firefighting drama aside from 3 million lackluster cop and ER dramas soo any Rescue Me fans here?
  5. WOW Winnie got hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked the blonde chick from the Wonder Years, Becky Slater.. she's actually Danica McKellar's sister in real life TWY is a great classic show, it was on ION in the summer of 2007, but they took it off it never seems to stay on any channel, first it was on Nick at Nite in the late 90s, then TNN in 2001, and briefly on ABC Family in 2003
  6. i like a few of their songs here & there, i like "The Heart Collector" and "Believe in Nothing"
  7. good call on King's X, very underrated one of my favorite 70s/80s bands is Rainbow, also very underrated
  8. i love Kamelot im not normally into power metal that much, but Kamelot does it like nobody else!!!
  9. eh, im not a huge DT fan, i dont get into much prog-metal... i like some DT songs here & there, like "Pull Me Under" and "Caught in a Web", but i'm just not that big on them a prog-metal band I do really like is Watchtower, they were the first prog-metal band ever
  10. last show i went to was Iced Earth on 9/24, and I was supposed to go to Scars on Broadway(a new band with ex-members of System of a Down) on 10/22 but their tour got cancelled as of right now, no upcoming shows
  11. thanks for your warm welcomes, some very nice signatures you have
  12. hello I just signed up on here, I am glad I finally found a Rush forum... nothing else needs to be said about that hasn't been said already of course! I finally got the chance to see them live this summer, great show!!! And, Neil Peart is my all time favorite author, I love all 4 of his books, with my favorite being, well I think you can take a guess... I look forward to chatting with fellow Rush fans on here
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